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  1. Hello, do you guys know how to recover or where to find an important item i lost i did not delete myself since i didnt empty my trash bin in a while. Thing is i had rezzed an item in a linden home of a friend, her suscription ended and i never got the items from her home and one of them is very important to me for 2 reasons worth more than 20k and is something that reminds me to my former partner who passed away. I check everywhere inventory, lost and found visit many places even her linden home but nothing, i know where the last place i rezz it and was there, is there a way to ask LL for a return or i lost it forever?? Please help with any guidance
  2. hello im in as a criminal, but just a question did i need something in particular to perform as one, may i have rehab for mi actions? as a criminal if i perform a huge robbery can i use the money to spend in whatever I want?? regards AKA: "varilla" in game: falejvi Resident
  3. hello well not too picky:matte-motes-asleep-2:but i have the same problem i walk by myself around places im new in Sl but i was researching about places different of ballas and disco, there is a city i dont remember the name but i will find it, in that city everybody as a role play so in that place i think you can meet new ppl since i came her i went to a place calles helping haven there are excellent ppl helping each others having fun and many of them are online so is a good place. So have fun and keep searching!!!
  4. Hello Im new in SL just 5 days ago, I want to meet new people a GF will be nice adn a lots of friends, i want to learn about this game and had the best expirience, im a 35 male in RL, a easy going avatar, very patient, good listener and many other stuff that you can discover for yourself. im in helping haven a great place with excellent friends and partys. send me an IM to falejvi
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