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  1. Then you'll be fine as long as you don't ageplay. You might get banned from a sim, but not from SL just for your looks. So yeah, don't worry you'll be fine.
  2. I'm just hear to say this & only this. The person that was banned for ageplay & is defending herself that she didn't do any sort of ageplay, could be lying. I've know this person for a while (roughly 1-2 years). Was I close to her? Yes, I was. Are we close now? No. Anyways, how do i know this person could be lying that she was just standing there doing nothing in a rated A(sex) sim? (I know it's a sim that mainly forces on having sex because it's called Futa Labs) Because in the past, she lied, a lot. She's good at it to the point where people will take her side, believe her, & defend her from anyone who says otherwise. Do I have proof? Yes, but I will not share any logs. So yeah, she could of actually been ageplaying with someone & LL could have found proof, or maybe, just maybe, she could of been telling the truth & was wrongfully banned from SL. I can understand being banned from a sim, because sim owners can ban anyone for whatever reason they seem fit, but LL banning someone from SL just because they were in a rated A sim while using a mesh avatar that looks like a child (In some people's eyes)? No, I simplily cannot see LL doing something like that unless they were ageplaying. I myself was banned from that sim & I was just standing there fully nude, wearing the kemono avatar (with human skin), & flat chested (I was trying to look like a male, duh.), but I was never banned from SL, just from the sim. Yes, the sim owner has something against anime avatars for some reason, but yeah, all to their own. Anyways, all I'm saying is that she could be lying to you by saying that she was wrongfully banned. She could be telling the truth, but from the history I had with this person & from what I know about LL, she could mostly be lying. If she wasn't then yeah, it's bullsh*t if LL did banned her for looking like a child while wearing a mesh body that is known to look very cute. But yea, she could just be lying.
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