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  1. Hi, I have some items that I've unlisted and deleted. They don't show up in my listings section anymore, nor my store. However, whenever I list a new item and want to select some "related items" to recommend, all those old unlisted, deleted items show up as possibilities. This is super confusing since I've upgraded or improved some items and now have 2+ with the same name, such as "ice cream gesture". How can I stop these items from showing up in the related items list?
  2. I've been having this trouble a lot where the textures of objects and other avatars either never load properly, or only for a few seconds. Often if I run my cursor back and forth rapidly over the item, it will swim into focus for a few seconds, then blur again. Avatars and items look blurry or formless. I have used SL for over 6 years total, so not a notice. I have tried setting graphics from ultra to low, which is no problem for my Asus gaming computer with Nvidia graphics cards. I have tried Catznip, Niran's and the default viewer. My internet is pretty good, never less than 10mbs upload/download, often in the 50mbs range down and 8-15mbs upload. ( http://www.speedtest.net/result/3332714654.png ). I have tried clearing cache, restarting the viewers, restarting the whole computer, doing a clear uninstall including all app data...still having the issue.
  3. I don't normally purchase freebies but yes I have had a friend make boxes and set them for sale for L$0 - 1, still nothing. I have tried using the default SL, Catznip, Metabolt and Nirans.
  4. The title says it all. Whenever I am shopping in world lately, the money is taken, but the items I request never arrive. The pop up allowing me to accept or decline them shows up but as soon as I click "accept" the error message pops up. The items do not go into inventory or into trash. I've tried restarting, clearing cache, going to a different sim, parking in the same sim for a while, using different computers, different internet locations (home, McDonald's, friends homes) and alternate accounts with no resolution. I've been using SL for five years without this problem and now it's happening every single time. My internet is strong (57m up 13 down on average, sometimes better) and I have a good Asus gaming computer that's done fine on SL for three months and is well protected with McAfee and all. Any ideas? I've decided to cash out my L$ since I've now lost over $50 USD from this. I always follow up with sellers but usually the replacement gets lost too, and some have a policy of not redelivering or responding even though I always include my transaction history from the main site.
  5. I am receiving this error message every time I try to purchase anything. The usual message pops up saying "product name" with accept or decline options. As soon as I press accept, the error message comes up and the object I accepted doesn't make it into my inventory. It doesn't matter if I restart, clear cache, use a different viewer, use a different computer or use someone else's internet connection. My internet is spotless (57m up 13 down) and my computer is well maintained. I only seem to have problems with SL never any other game or programme. I've now lost thousands of L$ in lost items and have to rely on the good will of the sellers to reissue copies, which often meet the same fate - and of course some sellers don't offer support and don't redeliver as policy which means I'm out of luck. I cannot trust SL so cashing out my L$ in order to stop losing money.
  6. Great looking forward to the new viewer. For the record, this problem has happened on the SL standard viewer, beta versions of old, Catznip and Firestorm. I own two computers and one of them I usually use away from home but noticed no change.
  7. This is still happening, sometimes for 8 or 9 hours straight of actually leaving the avatar standing there having right clicked waiting for "take" or "edit" to show up. My internet works fine, every other website, games like imvu, etc work perfectly with zero lag....Second Life is just trying harder and harder to lose participants perhaps?
  8. For the last month I've been having tonnes of problems with SL, lol, here's another one... My "take", "edit" and "buy/pay" buttons are often greyed out. Sometimes it takes a few seconds for them to become available, other times I can keep trying for a half hour to no avail. Usually I used "take" to pick up breedable animals or furniture that I own which I have rezzed on my parcel or a rented parcel, same for edit, and I use buy everywhere. It doesn't seem to matter which sim I'm on. I tried tping away and coming back, restarting...it's a huge problem. I've heard many other people on SL who have breedable animals are having the problems with drop and take as well, not sure about edit or buy. Any ideas?
  9. Hello, I checked and that was already turned off. Any other ideas?
  10. I've noticed this trouble for about two months. Previously, I chalked it up to internet problems but our internet has been fixed and it hasn't changed. Whenever I arrive on a sim, items more than 20m away from my avatar load immediately. They are crisp, clear and immaculately detailed. This always includes items outside my field of vision and beyond my draw distance. For instance, I will see the polka dots on a pair of shoes for sale at the complete opposite end of the sim, as well as the shop, the other merchandise, the other avatars, terrain, anything rezzed. However, anything within 20m of my avatar loads sloppily and remains blurry, grey or deformed - or lots of times, invisible. For instance, when I arrive at my Linden house, I can see the details on the quilt on a neighbour's bed 96m away without camming, but all that loads of my house is one prim of the roof and part of the fence, and the floor beneath my feet is invisible. It doesn't matter whether the items are LL issued (like the house) or shop bought (like my furniture) or made by me (added storey to my home). The textures waver, come in and out of focus constantly flickering. However, when I look out the window I can see someone else's cherry tree on a neighbouring sim well enough to notice the leaves are multicoloured. When I go to Avgi to play games, I can cam behind the mountain and see everything that was not in my field of vision, but I stand around fifteen minutes before I can see the tables to play, and they are too blurry to use. Here's what I've tried... Switching ISPs (we get about 18mbps now) Restarting (dozens and dozens of times) Clearing cache constantly. Never clearing cache Turning graphics to low Changing draw distance to 32, 64, 96... Right click and "rebake textures" Waggling my cursor over the unloaded items Buying and updating my Nvidia graphics card I can park my avi somewhere staring at a sofa for an hour, with nothing in my field of vision except that sofa, and it will never load, but if I turn my avatar around, the entire sim behind her back is loaded. The sofa, and anything else nearby in the field of vision, remains blurry.
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