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  1. Ew. Well okay, maybe then.... But here is a much better hint...
  2. 13 years and 4 months on this, my oldest account. That was then... This is now... It's probably not hard to figure out whose alt I am who is my alt. Just think shorter hair (same colour) and beard.
  3. Changing your windlight settings will help somewhat. If you are on Firestorm, select "Nam's Optimal Skin & Prim". If you're on the official viewer you can make something similar by selecting New Sky Preset, then edit it as follows; 1) Turn sun & moon light way down to black. 2) Raise ambient light higher, until you get the light level you desire. You can play with the tint of the light as well here, if you wish. 3) Give your new setting a name, check the "Make this my new sky setting" box and save it. It won't eradicate the problem completely, but it will help. This windlight se
  4. Back when I started (in 2006) if you had a problem you could just click "Help" and talk to a real Linden, and sometimes they would even come to you and help you out. On etime I got attacked by a "follower" griefer object, I called for help and within five minutes a real live Linden came and got rid of it. There would frequently be what got called "grey goo" attacks (I forget why they were called that) which would shut down the entire grid for hours at a time. Goatse cubes. And "Update Wednesday" (with the gorillas banging on things) would inevitably be followed by "Flaky Thursday" and "Uns
  5. Czari Zenovka wrote: I've wondered how many prims were in furnishings when I've been out shopping RL. :matte-motes-bashful-cute: I used to do that back when most things in SL were made of ordinary prims. Since the advent of mesh I don't do it any more I just look at the RL furniture and think "Oh, mesh". Once I was walking past a high (about 9ft) brick wall when I heard an odd noise coming from the other side. I stopped and did that little "pre-jump" thing, intending to fly up so I could look over the wall and see what it was. Duh. And I try to alt-cam Youtube videos all. the. time.
  6. It is possible, because a couple of months ago I reactivated (with help from Linden Lab) this 2006 account which had been dormant since 2007. But you will have to know something about the old account. In my case I did not know the password or the email address but I gave my name, address, date of birth (all of which I had provided truthfully when I registered), a few names on my friends list, and a bit of billing information that they were apparently able to use. I did it all through a support ticket, I didn't have to call them and it took less than 24 hours. I facepalmed when I logged in a
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