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  1. am on imvu it's changed pretty much buying everything on their and people on there stupity seem the deadly illness in there plus no one friendly to new user or looking for help i asked for help numberst of times and got the cold shoilder and people on imvu can scam you won't noticed it. i like it on here if i wanted to be alone no one will qustion me about it or get up chat someone and won't feel outplace on imvu once click a chatroom people would look at you and keep on talking lik aren't even there.
  2. well i mite interested if don't mind a shy person..:matte-motes-stress:
  3. actually am not really new just too shy come in the forms and am looking for some friends male or female don't matter to me as long their friendly and knows good groups are friendly and same interested as me.
  4. I'm 26 heh, i haven't anyone at this age either.:matte-motes-stress:
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