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  1. Firestom site is back up. but still getting stuck at loading screen when logging in. looks like were gonna have to wait for them to fix the current issue >_<
  2. @ AriettaMorgreim. The Starbright Fitted torso. The Rei's stuffed Chest and the ABC Bouncy Boobs are amongst the most popular. All have compatible clothing inworld and on MP and they work with Kemono Appliers. @ BLUExANGEL The default Kemono has a rather flat chest. so theirs a number of breast mods available for it., for ppl who want larger breasts
  3. Hai AkiraJoy. I've sent you a Notcard in world and included a script that should help fix the problem your having. Hope it helps ^^
  4. Christin73 wrote: OMG love the pink. How did you get that pink on your viewer? Its the Starlight skin. Silver Pink colour scheme ^.^
  5. Thank you both for replying ^v^ @ Amethyst, true, I took a risk in buying something that no longer has any support for it. but I felt it was worth it and I've had no actual problems with it @Freya, thank you for the suggestions. I will certainly give them a try
  6. Hello :) I'm wondering if anyone has, and uses the Project 10 - Profile System https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Project-10-ProfileSystem-22-Beta/7375644 Is it possible to use more than one sound in the custom sounds NC? say for example I wanted more than one sound in Heart bumps. and if so how Thank you in advance to anyone who replies and can help ^v^ PS. before anyone suggests. I am unable to ask the creator directly, as they have retired from SL
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