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  1. you need to have the time to be a child avi...seriously...and I have pride in being one i have great parents that i love so much....only problem i do have is finding a skipping walk and a good ao....and cant get my shape right but I never stop trying...
  2. well most of the clothes are now for toddlerdoo or something like that...unfortunatly I stay in my older clothes that i had last year...but what i cant find is a child ao or even a walk...
  3. Greetings from canada....I am a child avi in sl, always have been, I had taken time off for well over a year with rl issues. I've been back 2 weeks now and noticing all these new items, like the toddlerdoo ect....I bought clothes that simply didnt work for my avi....also I can not seem to find any cute little AO ....I feel like a noob again and not sure were i can get any help...thank you in advance
  4. I also enjoy the fact of being a child avi, I have great parents that I love, but I was away for over a year, since Im back Im having issues with the new asspect of toddlerdoo ect...and I cant seem to find a half decent ao can you possibliy help me thank you
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