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  1. Hai provato a scollegare il router/modem o resettare il router/modem direttamente?
  2. Salve, sono su sl da anni ormai e già da un po' di tempo inizio ad essere stanca e annoiata delle Land straniere, e specialmente furry! E cerco delle Land Italiane, possibilmente Adult(Mi piace vestirmi come voglio io ma se non è adult mi vabene comunque), ma il criterio principale è che deve essere attiva e numerosa. Ci sono ancora land del genere?
  3. Censored photos added (i thought that I could not edit the post, sorry )
  4. Sorry the quality but I'm not so good to make photos (spoiler) (/Spoiler)
  5. I have finished my avi, I took so much time for do it, and I found a really good hair from raw house, all your help was really helpfully! Thanks
  6. I totally wrong everything and i have realized this now. I tried a lot of demo Unrigged but i don't liked those hair because wasn't the right style i was in looking it. My avatar it s muscular so.. the right choice was something with a look punk.. I'm sorry, but i really appreciate all your help.
  7. it's really shame that quite all make rigged mesh because furry in most of case can't wear it, at least for me seems
  8. But seems i don't find neither good quality short hair unrigged ..
  9. Hello and sorry my English. I'm a Furry from quite 4 years now and one of the first things that i have learned it's resizing hairs and the choice hairs on market place and i ever found really difficult the search for hairs but not impossible, but now in the search last years seems really more difficult to find good quality of hairs AND Unrigged. In this week i'm working on an Avatar that it's an Aventity Female horse with a body mesh, at the end i should need a good long hair Unrigged for my Aventity female horse and i'm wonder if there's any store that have good quality Unrigged hair for
  10. With my furry avatar i encountered many problems to find him suitable clothing, for example some shirts are too big although they are XS. With digi pants i learned how to edit them, but when i have shorts too big (too big because you can see the alpha of pants) do not know anymore what to do. However, my male avatar uses the forms of the female system.
  11. Thank you very much. I take alpha box from Dark spot design.
  12. Hello, im new of this forum and second life. I download free furry starter kit 3.1. Putting digileg i realized that there is a double leg effect. I wanted to know how to fix this. I know that there are other questions like this, but looking on the forum and internet i did not answer.
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