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  1. Currently looking for ctustomer to our new club Naughty Box Strip Club. We have some of the best looking girls on SL hands down. Theses are fun and intelligent girls so if you are new or just looking for some entertainment go visit one of the ladied at the club. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Folsom%20Creed/173/5/751 David
  2. you're not rude man .. we are a hybrid freelance... the girls come and go as they please... but we do required them to be 18 in RL so thats why we have an application process... Look at real world freelance jobs, you still have to be interviewed and hired, but then you work when you feel like it... really no different... We are trying to be an upscale freelance club, we choose who gets to work or not should come check us out man, small and no lag with amazing and dedicated girls to Naughty Box. and you shoulda gave that 2 cents/lindens to one of my girls, just sayin tc bro David
  3. Looking to dump your sim but want to get some of your money back? contact me inworld at stillafloat David
  4. Who's been in your Naughty Box?? Naughty Box is SLs best new highclass freelance stripclub. We offer the flexibility of a freelance club with the atmosphere and clientele of a high class club. No $500L pagerboards. No having to post us in your bio. We don't require that. If you are atleast 2-3 months old in SL and would like to make some extra lindens come see Lisa or myself. We would love to talk to you!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Folsom%20Creed/173/5/751 Link to the club, Lisa311 or myself, stillafloat, are usually there. If not there is a red application button at the top of the stairs just fill it out and drop it in LISA311's mailbox and she will get back to you. Thanks! David
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