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  1. Full region for sale at 295 USD + 100 USD Transfer fee. Tier is due every 22nd of the month. Must be moved and renamed. Contact me inworld for more details - pravda core
  2. 1. Today refunds had been completed and LL begun billing my active (every 30 days) enhancements. 2. Since today (10/4/2012) is the starting billing date, it is very plain and simple that LAST CHARGED AT should be (10/4/2012) and NEXT CHARGED AT should be (11/3/2012) however my Subscription page in marketplace says different dates and states that my NEXT CHARGED AT will be on October 11, 21, 29 of 2012. 3. So how was this really fixed?
  3. Yes, this is true. I am the one who originally received the email and confirmed this from Live chat. Below is what i sent in my group notice: "I just confirmed from Live Chat that if you happen to receive an email from "Second Life" "no-reply@secondlife.com" asking you to click a link, do not click it, It is not from Linden Lab and it will lead you to resetting your password and your password to be stolen. "  Today, i received 3 more mails from the same email add. Same content, asking me to click a link.
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