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  1. Just pointing out a flaw in the security system. Mainland was just slightly worse. And if it's a neighbor welcoming me to the neighborhood thats one thing... thanks for the welcome to the neighborhood:)
  2. This is true and normally that would be the answer, but daily? 1 or more intrusions a day ? Seems like a constant battle.
  3. The security orb does work, just not consistently. While set for 15 seconds, it sometimes boots uninvited guests after 15 seconds, but has also not kicked in for up to 4 minutes. After tracking intrusions it appears to be a lot of newbies without payment info ( although a Belli resident was sitting on her horse in my side yard for up to 4 minutes yesterday before being booted). The restriction to create ban lines is a mistake. I am not gonna start building ban lists for 1 or 2 time intruders who will more than likely never show up again, but it is the daily intrusion of 1 or more intruders that get to sit for 1 minute or up to 4 minutes that is annoying and constant. After speaking to a friend, they are also experiencing this. Keeping the option on so that avatars outside the parcel cannot see you is a great privacy option, but as someone said I am tired of an intruder popping up in my face uninvited into what is supposed to be my home.
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