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  1. Thank you all very much for the time and advice! I'll check that article and I'll save those tips for moving a sim, just in case... In the meantime the situation finally looks better! Someone from the company responded and got in touch before the rent on the land was due... Pretty last minute, but all that matters is it got saved and the owner has his rights back It's a shame nothing really can be done in such case... Means unless you buy directly from LL you can lose EVERYTHING you worked on for years pretty much anytime. This is not a shop or a business, it's a beautiful public sim, but what if it was and one used it to earn money? IMHO LL should have something to say about such things... For now this all looks like as long as they get their money on the land, the rest is unimportant, even if it goes down in their "backyard". I do realize that once you sell a property you can't be held responsible for what the next owner decides to do with it, but in this case don't think that should apply. The "property" does exist on their servers and is under their maintenance, just like anything else in our SL, so.... But that might be just me being too attached to this
  2. Hello everyone, I'll try to explain and be brief... I'd like to know if there is anything one can do, like a complaint, or if there is any other way to solve this issue, or LL simply does not care at all about such things. Here's the issue: A friend of mine has a homestead since years. Recently the one who used to rent it to him has gave it up, or just dissappeared, and now it's owned and rented directly by a company. This all happened without any notice. Problem is, not only he was not notified about this change, he stopped receiving notices about rent that was about to expire all together, until one day the land was for sale, with NO NOTICE AT ALL. He wasn't online but thankfully it got "saved" by a commune friend who visited and saw what's going on, The company got in touch with them both and apologized. Said they didnt even know that land was occupied, he was not listed as a customer. They said it will get fixed. But it's not. The land is still on another name (on the one's who saved it), he is not able to pay the rent that is due tomorrow and no one answers as no one from the company seems to be online. Also, no notice had been sent to anyone, yet again, about the rent being about to expire. Any advice? Other then move.... That place has history being there since years... Plus, moving would be extremly difficult and time consuming since it's full. Is there anything that can be done?
  3. I can't see my avatar,only others...all i see is a cloud:( help pls!
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