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  1. Hi, would you be interested in renting this out with the objects/decor included, (as opposed to selling), and if so how much would the rent be? Thanks.
  2. It must be very upsetting for you, and I am sorry you've had this experience, but as others have said, if you can't verify, don't go forwards with it. Looking to the future, this is such a hard lesson, but you do learn so much from experiences like this. Similarly, even minus the deception of someone pretending to be a different gender, seemingly really nice people can turn out to be extremely manipulative and deceptive. Sadly SL seems to be full of people who manipulate, and some who also really get off on it too...I'm guessing, just because they can, AND it's so easy for them to find trusting people. It's so difficult to really, truly know anyone you have become friends with in SL, even when you have been friends for a long time. Photos, well obviously they can be faked. I've had people asking me to prove that I am female irl by sending a photo. Beside the fact that I don't feel the need to 'prove' myself, and also that I'm here for me, and not them, photos are not 'proof' of anything anyway. Just check out all the profiles with obviously fake RL profile pics. Google images is clearly a lot of SL users' friend. I have one or two good friends here (I keep my circle small) who I am pretty sure are lovely people in RL, but we still keep a level of anonymity with one another. I don't REALLY know them, and visa versa. I honestly hope you now manage to move on from your experience, perhaps focussing on other things, and that you are able to at least use this experience positively in making sure that you don't make the same mistake again. That's all you can really say - that at least this has taught you something. I'm just sorry that you have had to go through the upset of it all.
  3. Hi there Therese, I just saw your message! The parcel is kind of hidden in a corner, so it isn't too easy to find. I will IM you the LM right now in-world, so if you are still looking you are more than welcome to check it out. The land does look a bit messy atm, as I have it a bit up and down but I can raise it where there's water, and flatten/smooth it out if need be, or lower it to be a water parcel, and as I said, I have a selection of houses, so I can include one free ( I can demo these on the land) at no extra cost, if required. Drop me an IM in-world if you need anything. I don't have the land marked up for the sale yet, but if you are interested, I can do that.
  4. I have a beautiful 1024m/351 prims waterfront parcel in Skyridge for sale. I am only asking L$2000 for this little gem of a parcel, only because I am downgrading from premium. This is a total bargain! There are no objects currently on the land to be included in the sale, however I can include a house at no extra cost if you need one. Please let me know about this, as I have a selection of really nice mesh homes that can be chosen from. An included house will obviously count towards your over all prim count. It can be returned to me at any time, (under the 'objects' tab in the 'about land' options,) if you decide that you no longer want it. The land can be terraformed to a mostly water parcel, or mostly land, so you have both options. I currently have it part land, part water, so you can change it up how you like. There is abandoned land to the right and rear of the parcel, which adds some privacy, and to the left there is a neighbour. You are separated from their land by a side channel of water which is part of the waterfront that the parcel faces. The parcel has a pleasant, cosy feel of being tucked away in a corner. I am currently posting this via my phone, and struggling to add a landmark, (will edit on my computer soon,) however you can find the landmark in my profile picks in-world. Please feel free to stop by the land to take a look. Thanks for your interest. ~ Scarlett Fenutzini.
  5. I just saw your post. I'm currently having the same problem. I've tried a few different media players and can't get any of them to work, including one which has reviews as recent as February this year, saying it works well. I was wondering if it was a Flash player issue, seeing as Flash Player discontinued and blocked content that was using it. But I am sure that was before February, so don't get why people would say it still works, if that's the case. My media players get as far as loading the actual vid, and then they return to the start screen. Did you contact the creator of your TV and get any info?
  6. Basically as the question asks... I currently have a 512sqm Linden home. I also have a plot of 512sqm land that I am selling, and I would like to use the 1024 sqm tier free land allowance by also abandoning my Linden home and then just buying a 1024 plot... Can I do this, or am I stuck with the Linden home? (unless I downgrade and then renew my premium the next month). As I said, it is not one of the newer ones, but more to the point, I am not really using it, and would prefer the land.
  7. Protected 512sqm river front with your own private dock and beach. Home and furnishings / objects can be kept, or returned as wished. I am asking L$5000, and I am open to sensible offers. I can be contacted in-world, please leave me an IM, or leave a reply here and I will get back to you asap. When I bought this parcel, the previous owner included the home, furnishings and objects in the sale. I kept these as the home/land is gorgeous and beautifully furnished/decorated, and I didn't need to change anything. I can return any/all objects that you do not want, or I can include them in the sale, and if you decide that you want to return anything to the original owner, you can do so. *PLEASE NOTE - If you purchase the land before contacting me, all objects/furnishings/decorations will be included in the sale. Furniture includes a texture change bed with singles and couples poses and matching wardrobe, sofa, book seat, table, chairs and side table. There are additional decorations/pictures/plants and there is a sun lounger and side table with umbrella on the private beach area, with drink giver. The area is very quiet, and the surrounding area is lovely with a nice sunset view directly out of the front window, facing the front dock, looking onto the water, where there is a motor boat moored. The boat is not sailable, as it belongs to the previous owner, but can be used to pose for photos. The plot directly next door is also for sale, so purchasing both may be an option for someone looking for a larger area. The plot that I am selling is 512sqm, but the home and objects and clever use of prims make it seem bigger than a 512 sqm plot. I have included some photos here. Please feel free to visit and look around: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shoki/192/242/22 ~ Scarlett Fenutzini
  8. Thank you for all your hard work Oz, and wishing you all the best.
  9. I have no idea, but I remember watching something on a SL TV channel ages ago that was reporting how fashion designers could have in-world virtual versions of their RL clothes, and there was a designer who was doing this, although I don't recall who they were. I'm sure a few have had the idea. You could get t-shirts printed with your own SL designs/photos fairly easy enough in RL.
  10. You can make a pretty nice looking avi for free, to tie you over, if you want to build up to more specific items/a more specific look over time. The Atnea body from Lucybody is a nice free mesh body which actually you could use long term as your main mesh body. It looks great with a nice shape and a free BOM skin. Wow Skins usually have a good quality group gift skin. Most Maitreya clothing and shoes fit it and also Slink shoes fit. You can get a lot of dollarbie and promo clothing on the MP for next to nothing. There is plenty of free group gift hair around. Diva have a nice one and the group is free to join. There have been a lot of free heads being given away, so you just have to keep your ear to the ground on what heads are going for free. But there you go, virtually no L$ spent, maybe a few at most on the MP dollarbie and promo clothing. You can get dollarbie makeups too.
  11. When my ex partner moved in, I never asked for any rent, it never really occurred to me to ask him. He wasn't online as much as I was, and I still had the majority of the prim usage, which suited my rezzing needs. I think he rezzed about two items in total. He did pay up the rent a couple of times for me when it was due, completely of his own accord which was appreciated. I think now, I probably would ask, if the person was becoming long term that is, and if they hadn't already offered. Maybe half each, rent and prims, but then again I like my place how I like it, so if a partner stays over rent free, I also have the luxury of keeping my home exactly how I want, with full prims usage and not having their stuff there which might not be to my taste. So you get what you pay for, quite literally I guess, if you are the only one paying. - Full prims usage and no one else's stuff cluttering your home. Call me a control freak, but that's kind of how I do prefer it. It's much easier if you have your own homes and then just visit each other. No rent expectations and you get to keep things exactly how you like them.
  12. I met WinTrain a while ago. We just chatted, and he seemed nice. He was very chatty, and keen to share his interests. I think he said something a bit random, which I felt was a bit inappropriate at one point, but I told him about it, and he did apologise. I've met people on here who have said a lot worse, and not apologised, and become aggressive. WinTrain was not aggressive at all or rude after I said 'good luck in your search...' (that kind of thing), and I thought he was actually quite sweet. I'm surprised to hear someone saying that he wants to 'control' a girl. I didn't get that feeling from him at all, and I"ve known people in SL who were controlling and infact a couple of them were narcissistic. As a result, I have developed a very finely tuned radar for those types of people, I call it the BS radar, and I honestly don't think WinTrain is one of them.
  13. Update - I have now found that this is also happening with a different viewer, so not viewer related, and more like a SL issue, which makes sense if a sim restart fixes it.
  14. I will try it, thanks Emma! Do you by any chance know how search works? I tried searching for something but nothing seems to come up as a result. Maybe it will work after I relog.
  15. I am building a platform but I can't seem to stand on it, I just keep falling through! It isn't set to phantom and I am right above it when I try to land on it, so I'm not falling down past the side of it. I can see my avi falling through it. Is there anything I am missing, to make my object so that I am able to stand/land on it?
  16. Hey Violent, I have paid up on the rent box. Please can you enable my permissions for rezzing my objects, or do I need to join a group? Thanks
  17. Just turning off the eye animation in the genus head hud was all I did, and it fixed it instantly. This has worked for a few others who tried it too, so not just me! It would be nice if creators fixed things like this, I agree, but if you can find a fairly easy way around it, there's probably a lot more fun stuff to do with your SL time, other complaining about something you can pretty much fix yourself, and isn't THAT huge a deal.
  18. Can anyone reccomend a decent city scene surround/dome for a sky home? I have the Cedar House by Onsu, on a platform up in the clouds, and need something that will work well, around it. I have seen a few on the MP but none seem to have in-world demos, and reviews seem a bit sporadic, so not sure if I want to take a chance on buying them without at least a recommendation. I really like the one that comes with the Onsu downtown house, but I'd have to buy the house to get it, unlink it, etc. Thanks in advance.
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