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  1. I think I know what hands and feet you mean. With them, to get the pumps to fit the feet, you need to make sure you are wearing the right thing. You put on the feet first. In the Pumps folder, pick the heel height you want to be wearing, for example Mid. Then you need to put on the pumps in Mid, in the color you want. Hope that helps. If you are looking for the hands and feet to buy, poke me IRL and I'll give you a LM.
  2. Ah of course. That makes sense. Hopefully my scripting boyfriend will be able to figure it all out. Thank you very much for the reply. If anyone would still happen to have a script like that then they can still post it here, in the case that my partner can't figure it out, and to help others finding the answer to the same question I knew coming to the forums was a good idea, thanks again!
  3. Oh yes, another tip jar script question. Can never get enough of those can we? Anyways, on to business. There are hundreds of tipjars and tipjar scripts out there, some display who donated, some give items. Both of the things I want. So the problem is not finding one. What I am looking for and wondering about, is there a possibility to have a tip jar to give out a certain item depending on how much someone tipped? Example: Barbie donates 5L$, she gets a pair of earrings. Ken donates 50L$, he gets a T-shirt, and Cindy donates L$500, she gets a fatpack of T-shirts. The script would have to recognize how much was donated, and match it up to which prize to give out. If anyone feel the urge to help, I would be grateful. You can send me a notecard ingame if you don't feel like answering here :) // Dreamweaver Constantine
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