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  1. And do I have to buy mainland or can I buy other land
  2. How much does it cost for me to buy my 512 mainland
  3. Hello My next question is the people who are selling land mainland if I bought one is it a outright buy and I don't have to pay anything more?
  4. Hello everyone I just recently became a premium member reason for doing this is because I thought you get your own land I am confused can someone please explain if you get your own land
  5. Hello everyone I hope someone can answer a question for me I just became a premium member because I thought you get land when becoming a premium member I just found out that SL gives you a home and I have tried a couple of them I don't like them I would like to have my own land so I can put my own home on it can someone please tell me the rules and what you get for being a premium member and how to get land thanks
  6. Hello everyone I view other SL blogs well earlier someone posted where you can get free stuff mesh hands and feet and it comes with a pair of pumps well I need some help I must not know what I am doing cause the shoes don't fit correctly can someone please help me and tell me how to get them to fit??
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