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  1. Temporary textures are disabled but there are many builders who rely on temporary textures during the build process to get the build done correctly. Feel free to join in the online petiton where we are asking LL and third party viewer makers to try to get temporary texture uploads reinstated. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Viewer/Open-Letter-to-Linden-Labs-amp-Virtual-World-Viewers-Temp/td-p/2151393
  2. Dear Linden Labs, Firestorm Group and Third Party Viewers, My name is Tim and I, like many others am a builder in Second Life. I would like to thank Linden Labs and the third party viewers like Firestorm, Singularity, Kokua, Catznip & Exodus for implementing great new technologies such as mesh and server side baking to make Second Life an even better place. I work with and talk with many other builders in SL and we all have one thing in common. We all utilized temporary texture when we build. Temporary texture can do things that local texture cannot. - when building a complex object, we can load multiple temp textures to see if everything blends together seemlessly , temp texture can do that while local texture only allows one texture to be seen at a time - with temp texture, we can show off our test creation to our clients to see if they like it before we upload the official texture and sell the final product to our client, with local textures, our clients can't see what we are making before we sell it to them - temp texture allows group collaboration when building while local textures only allows one person to work on an object at once These are major hinderances to us builders. We are aware that we can go to other grids where texture uploads are free, such as InWorldz, OSgrid or SL Beta to test our creations before bringing them into SL but when offworld, we are unable to be in constant communication with our in world customers and we prefer to build in world, if possible. Thus on behalf of the many builders in Second Life, we strongly and urgently request that you reinstate temporary textures so that we can continue to build and create the many wonderful objects (landscapes, buildings, clothing, skins, hair, etc) that make up Second Life. By reinstating temporary textures, you once again allow our creativity to flow freely without the financial constraint imposed during the testing and building of our products. To all those who read this open letter / online petition to Linden Labs and the makers of viewers for Second Life, please sign your name in support of the Second Life builders and all those who work hard to create the many wonderful objects, clothes and avatars you see in Second Life. Tim Builder of Second Life objects, clothes and skins
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