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  1. Hi! I need a full perm script written tonight or tomorrow that will allow me to cycle transparency between 2 objects on touch (anyone's touch, not just the owner's) Example: Object A is visible and Object B is invisible, and then once touched, Object B is visible/Object A is invisible, and so on. I don't mind if they are separate objects or just separate faces, whichever works. Please send me an IM with a price but only if you can work immediately, I have a deadline and I should have messaged my regular scripter days ago :')
  2. Hi there! I'm looking for a skilled standard size and fitted mesh rigger. Requirements: You must be able to rig standard sizes, as well as fitted mesh for the Slink Physique and Slink Hourglass bodies. Preferences: I highly prefer to hire someone who is willing to create experimental fits for the other popular bodies; including Maitreya, TMP, and Belleza Isis. The more bodies the better, though not every project will require all fits. If you are interested, please send me examples of your past rigs, your rates, timeframe requirements, and availability for work. If you have references or anything like that, feel free to send that info as well! Serious inqueries only; Sweet Thing. is an established business. Thanks! Aya of Sweet Thing.
  3. Hi there, i'm looking for a specific script. I want an attached object's faces to cycle through transparency for a faux animation effect. Face 0 is 0% transparent while the others are 100% transparent, then Face 1 is visible while the others are not, etc. I haven't been able to find this script to buy anywhere, but if you know where I can find it somewhere online/on the MP, I would really appreciate a link!! (I've had a hard time figuring out what to search for--blah.) ♥ Otherwise I'll be looking to hire someone to do this. If I do hire someone, I need it to be someone who is confident in their ability to make this script in the least laggy way possible. I'll also have other projects in the future. ^-^ Thanks!! Aya
  4. What skillsets would you be bringing to the table and what tasks would you be responsible for? (I may be able to refer someone but I want to make sure this is worth the referral.)
  5. It doesn't seem like these are quite what you're looking for, but JUST in case, here's a set I just made https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Silver-Celeste-Stiletto-Heels-for-Slink-High-by-Sweet-Thing3/6138442
  6. Hahaha, I couldn't agree with the above posts more. <3 From the boyfriend's post: " I've got the dress made in blender, I'm collaborating with a friend, and I'll make sure she has pics to post." Okay, so it's not a total stranger agreeing to make a custom dress for 1000L. That's a relief. It's her boyfriend and her boyfriend's friend. lol. "I refuse to charge an arm and a leg for mesh work, simply because I have a full time job. The ONLY WAY I can justify making SL my life altogether for this business is if I had an actual business model, with a firm, and a license, and not out of my home." ...Quoted for the giggles.. What the..
  7. *shrug* This is a tired argument that could go on forever. Just remember that people pay $60+ for 'just a video game' all the time, and game models like LoL are very popular right now (free to play, cosmetic items a few bucks a piece--sold thousands and thousands of times each). So, OP, as long as you know you're getting a crazy good deal.. The average US based 3D artist freelancer makes approx $35 an hour, I personally hope that the person willing to make a dress for $4 is no where near professional level (if so, raise your prices man! for everyone's sake, lol!), but to each their own. It's just like adding salt to a wound when we see you: 1. allowing someone to work for you for cents per hour, AND 2. you dismissing the work as easy and unimportant. I think that's why these things get so fiery so fast, but that's just me. Seems disrespectful to the craft, but I can see where you're coming from, and you certainly aren't alone.
  8. It's a lot easier to be original and creative if you feel passionately about what you're making. ^^ I suggest making what you enjoy the most. You need passion to stick it out through the slow beginning of a business, not to mention the amount of time and patience it takes to make quality products! @_@ If you don't know what you'd like the best, allow yourself some time to experiment before committing. ^^ Houses can certainly do well, though, if that is your passion. You just have to be as good as the mid and top level creators to gain market share, and the skill level required is pretty high.
  9. Also-- how long does it take to start coming up in search? My "Top Searched Products" says that none of my items have ever come up in search. My keywords cannot possibly be that horrible. Does this feature not work anymore? My store is new, but I listed my first item on the 9th and still nothing.
  10. I definitely understand the need to relate to your avi! My first time in SL I couldn't really get into it because I made the mistake of making my name and avi too similar to the first-life me. Boring! :matte-motes-crying: There are various parts of those designs that I might be open to creating for you, if you are open to the designs only being semi-exclusive. The ears, collar, necklace, etc are things that I could create for you to be exactly the way you want them, and change them up a bit for my own purposes (like making the collar's bell smaller, for example). If you are open to that, send me an IM ^^ My shop, for skill reference - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/159458 I can send you my IRL portfolio if you are on the fence, would just rather keep that off public boards
  11. I am anxiously awaiting the result of the custom 1000L dress order. :matte-motes-bashful-cute: Even notoriously low paying freelancer websites have overseas (as in, MUCH lower cost of living) amateurs who can barely communicate with the commissioner that charge more than minimum wage ...
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