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  1. Holidays are difficult for many. We may have lost a loved one, a pet, a job, struggle with depression, stress or anxiety. Maybe we or someone we love is ill. Maybe we're having financial difficulties. It's a time of year that can trigger so many things that make us unhappy, stressed, worried, miserable. If you're hurting for ANY reason this holiday season, join us. It always helps to talk to others who understand. Workshop, lead by Jayden Landfall on the following dates Dec 2 - 2pm (Sun) Dec 10 - 6pm (Mon) Dec 15 - 4pm (Sat) Dec 18 - 5pm (Tue) Dec 24 - 6pm (Mon) Dec 28 - 5pm (Fri) Dec 30 - 4pm (Sun) Jan 1 - 6pm (Tue) Feel free to contact Jayden with questions or suggestions. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/JustBE/152/159/1006
  2. Contact me (Casidei Resident) inworld. I'll help you
  3. Friday, Nov. 2 @ Blade's Edge DJ Ducky just loves to spin Covers. He'll be playing his favorites and he wants to play yours! So come on over with your requests and hey, why not dress the part. UNDER THE COVERS attire! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/JustBE/72/139/28
  4. Contact me INWORLD. And like most clubs, you work for tips.
  5. Summer's over and numbers are picking up again. We need good dependable staff!
  6. Please contact Casidei Resident INWORLD. We don't monitor the responses here.
  7. We're looking for male and female staff.
  8. Yes we're one of the many clubs looking for staff here on the forums. And there are lots of great clubs on the grid. But we do hope you'll consider Blade's Edge We are an adult club. Not a sex club. We're having trouble finding staff we can depend on. We don't care about experience, we care more about personality. We'll train you. Our staff is a very close group, more like a family really. Everyone is treated with respect. We're desperate for DJ's, hosts, and dancers. Come on over to Blade's Edge, check out our sim and grab an application . Or contact Casidei Resident. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/JustBE/72/139/28
  9. Join us at Blade's Edge on April 21st beginning at noon slt, for SEVEN HOURS of back to back live singers. All donations will go to Relay for Life. Everyone is invited!
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