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  1. I would add a hue/saturation layer and lower the saturation to 0, then add a color layer and set the mode of the color layer to multiply. You can then choose any color you want in the color layer =)
  2. Also may want to try using another viewer. I find sometimes mine is twitchy so I switch between firestorm and the SL viewer
  3. Worst case scenario, you can log into the beta grid to test them for free. But you would still need to log into the regular grid once you are certain you like it and upload it there as well. Good luck!
  4. Need to add that I am not interested in urban Sims. If that were the case, I would have a billion to choose from. Normal and nice! that's what I want.
  5. As stated by many, SL is not "a game" it is a social platform and because it is all content created by the users, it is unbelievably verstile. That being said, I don't feel it was ever designed for ease of use. I have seen some people on here for 5 years that still can't adjust their clothing to look remotely decent. If you are somewhat computer savvy and feel you are capable of learning, this is the place for you! Stick with it and wander about for a while. Keep in the forums too, one good friend can make all the difference! If you are not computer savvy and the littlest thing confuses you w
  6. I have been searching high and low for months, since the sim I was living on closed. I am looking for a modern themed Sim, casual RP. I'm not into paraRP. A place where I can grab a cup of coffee at the local café in the morning and chat with the neighbors. I'd prefer an adult rated place, but not one that centers around naughty only. Just a normal town. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
  7. I have tried the direct link many times for over 2 weeks each day. I refresh several times as well before giving up for the day. The worst part is, I already took the test for the beta grid and used to be able to upload there so this is definitely a bug. I can still upload to main grid just fine. I contacted LL support and after stringing me along for a week, they finally told me that I am on my own and they offer no customer support for the Beta grid. UPDATE: the direct link finally worked for me but i had to use internet explorer, it pained me to have to open that browser but hey at lea
  8. That link is broken for me as well. Plus I already took the Beta test months ago, so not sure why it is claiming I need to take it again. I also have taken it for regular grid and am able to upload there (where it costs L to do so, shocker!)
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