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  1. So I created a store, retextured mesh clothes and wanted to sell them on the marketplace. Theres this issue I cant resolve. On the marketplace, after editing the listing for my item, when I click update, it seems okay. But when I go to manage listings, then make the listing active, i get this message "You must put an inventory link" I dont even know how to do that. Ive searched tutorials and nothing happens. PLEASE HELP!
  2. I use photoshop to edit the UV map. I save it as .png and .jpeg. When I log in to SL, I go to a place where it allows script and to drop objects. So, I dropped the mesh and right click on it and chose Edit. Went to texture tab and click on the texture box. I chose the Local button so that i could choose an image from my laptop. Clicked Add then chose the pic and then clicked on it again. The first time i tried this using SL viewer, It just previews a suitcase that seems to be a default? It wont show the texture on the mesh shirt. The next time i tried, It crashes when i choose the image from my computer. When I used Firestorm, it takes so much time to load until it hangs.I just want to test a texture without uploading it yet cause there might be mistakes. Please help! Thank you.
  3. It saddens me that I have to start all over again. My Inventory was emptied and the only items left were the calling cards and groups I joined (groups). It was I think May or June 2014 when I found out abt my inventory. After that, I seldomly log in. I log in just to check if the items were back. I started playing SL again the other day (sept 21) and decided to just start from scratch. Just wondering how do I get it back. Or is there a way LL can restore the items that went missing from my inventory? Please help! :( I really worked hard for those items :(
  4. I keep crashing too. Its becoming so annoying because I can't start on my shift in a club.. I'm using Mac laptop and when I log on, after 30secs, the rainbow wheel of death (cursor) shows up and my viewer crashes.. HELP!
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