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  1. I'm a broke a college student so I know the struggle T_T
  2. hmmmm....I have to think about it, what do I get in return 0=<
  3. Looking for someone special, I only want it to be sl only 26 years old, Bisexual, San Franscisco, Graphic Designer and 3D animator 2 College degrees: BFA & MFA Hard Core Gamer : Battlefield, Call of Duty, Heroes the Storms, Overwatch, Rainbow 6 Seige, TERA, and WoW I Hate kids, Not Married, I have 1 cat Anime Watcher Cosplayer Managa Reader Goofy Mother *****er IntrovertKpop Listener Geek by Day Freak by Night I slap hoes with rubber duckies <---- Username : c0zie
  4. I think I just got Diarrhea from this comment. LMAO
  5. Thanks there's plenty more where that came from :DD
  6. This is probably my favorite thing I created as a Graphic Designer
  7. Sorry If I quote duplicates I'm lagging on my computer
  8. I will find and I will kill you....*Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma...turns into Jason* I'm jk I been playin Friday the 13th alot >.<
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