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  1. it's also weird that none of the people with linden after their name didn't come online since 2012 . they just stealing from people and no one looks after it . i just tried to buy something with the us dollars i have on my account , and i can't , i need to put a credit card number before i can buy something with the money i have on my account , wtf are they doing ? is it so hard to give people the things they worked for .
  2. yes that's the only way now , i lost 120000 lindens today because of that . i don't have mastercard , i do have a paypall account but i need a mastercard for that to activate . so i lost all my linden . i asked to get my linden back , no response , well it looks like i'm ripped of . everything i earned by playing 24/7 is gone . just gonna go to my lawyer and make sure i get what i withdrawed
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