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  1. Let me explain. I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to move my mouse and use the keyboard. It's kind of clunky in Second Life, but it works. Using the camera with voice recognition seems to me to be sheer misery. So far, I've always had to shut down the viewer to get out of camera mode.
  2. I'm going to have to figure out another way to do this-I use voice and firestorm viewer to go anywhere.
  3. Is it as easy as typing 0,0,0 from within my residence or whatever?
  4. I am declaring it a success, whether it is or not. Using all of the suggestions, there is no record of a rug anywhere. Maybe I had managed to "take" it after all…
  5. I cannot believe the speed with which TRULY QUALITY ANSWERS have appeared! Thank you all so very much!
  6. I was adjusting the position of a rug on the second floor of my Linden home. I had accidentally made it however about a foot off of the floor, and was trying to put it back in the appropriate place. Unfortunately, I let go of the controls. Now I can't see it to move it all! I went to the first floor and looked up, hoping that it might be peeking through the ceiling. It was not. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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