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  1. Many thanks for your help,everyone!
  2. Some people put their own brand name in the keywords.How do you feel about that?
  3. Hello.I've been trying to figure out this whole thing with keywords and spam...and so far I'm afraid to write more than 3-4 words because Im unsure about this topic.. I texture dresses for mesh bodies.Would it be considered spam if I write "maitreya,belleza,slink,slink hourglass,slink physique" ect. in the keywords field?Also,if I put in words like "sexy,spaghetti strap dress,off shoulder dress,mesh dress" or things like that?Does repeating the word "dress" classify as spam? Can someone please advise me,in a few words? I might be too fearful,I dont know..
  4. Hi.I notice some people are selling breedables and making a decent income out of it,plus it looks like an attractive hobby :) I would like to give this a try,so I've got a few questions and anyone who knows any information in this domain is more than welcome to express their point of view if they wish to do so ^_^. 1.What are the most well-known breedables at the moment and how much profit can you make on them? 2.Are they expensive to breed/maintain/etc.? 3.Is it worth selling breedables? 4.Is it against TOS to sell the L$ you earn out of breedables for USD($)? I am very curious about this whole breedables thing.Waiting for your answers ?
  5. ChloeVida

    Abandoned land

    Thanks,everyone! All of your answers are more than helpful for me ☺
  6. ChloeVida

    Abandoned land

    Oh,I see! What does 'Square meters donated' refer to,though?
  7. ChloeVida

    Abandoned land

    Hello.I'm interested in buying an abandoned land in order to list it for rental.My questions are: 1.Would I be allowed to rent it? 2.Is there any monthly fee for/after buying an abandoned land? Sorry if I sound like a noob,I just don't know many things about lands & such ☺
  8. Hello.How can I delete some of my outfits,without deleting the items worn in them?I tried deleting an outfit ,but ended up losing some inventory items after cleaning the trash bin :(
  9. Hello.I was wondering if we are allowed to sell the L$ we earn by playing skill gaming and then cash out the dollars (via Payal,for example).Some people play at Moo Town Games,for example,and then cash out their earnings.Is that allowed or is there anything we should worry about?Anything illegal/against TOS?
  10. Hello.I want to start making clothes for Maitreya/Belleza/SLink & maybe Omega avatars.I got some kits now,but the only kit who gave me UV maps is the one from Belleza.So with that being said,I have no UV maps for Maitreya/SLink/Omega etc. My question is are the mesh bodies UV maps all the same?Or...each one is different from the others?(hope it doesn't sound stupid but I'm new into this stuff :) )
  11. Hello.I am currently looking for bloggers :):smileytongue: These are my rules: You need to blog a product of mine at least once a week.You need to blog at least 1 color of the product you blog.You need to include in your post my marketplace link.Posting an image while wearing the product on Flickr at least once in 2 weeks (if you have a Flickr account). If you would like to become my blogger,send me a notecard inwolrd(ChloeVida resident) or simply answer with a comment on this post.Have a nice day! :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  12. Is there any way solve that,if it's so? P.S:I kept adding products to my MP since then,and nothing has changed.
  13. Hello.I dont know if this is an issue or something else,maybe someone can hand me some tips on how to solve it...So,starting with November 2015,my sales were really good,had multiple sales daily.Beggining with January,with a day when SecondLife was having a maintenance,my sales suddenly dropped.From that day till now,I barely get a sale once 2 days. What happened?Am I the only one with this issue,or is anybody else experiencing the same trouble as me? Could anybody help me figure it out,please :( ? I am really worried ...:(
  14. Sales in both. Inworld:traffic dramatically decreased. MP:Yes,just like I said,had sales for a long time (2 months or so),now suddenly dropped.
  15. Hello.Second life had been under maintenance the last days (started in the begging of this week,if Im not wrong),and as you know,during maintenance,Linden Lab asks you not to make transactions,rezz,etc.Starting from the first day of maintenance,my sales simply stopped.Just before this,my sales were like 5 items per day,sometime 8-9.This week I only sold 1 item,a few days after maintenance.And I am still looking at my balance and I can't understand what;s going on.My sales simply stopped :( Do you have any idea,any suggestion?What could be the issue? :( :/
  16. Hello.Is there any other way to exchange my L$ into any other currency (such as euros or sterling pounds),apart of $?Like,I want to directly convert my lindens into euros rather than dollars :)
  17. Okay so I went through the forum,I saw that this question has been answered before,but I am not sure what to believe.Some say it is RECOMMENDED and not against the TOS to change the creator name of a full perm by attaching a prim to it.Others say it is against the TOS.What do you think? I wanted to join a freebies group as a designer,and they told me I need to have all the items I sell set with my name in the Creator field.
  18. Hello. :) So,I have an inworld & marketplace shop,but not so much customers...Does any of you know a good way to attract customers/traffic? Any blogs,groups which would help me advertise myself? :(
  19. Ooooh,these look good! Many thanks! So,I would need Blender,Maya and MD together? Isn't there any way to make low-poly clothes into MD ? I mean,an easier way
  20. Hmm making them by hand is an option too! Hopefully I will find some Blender tutorials on that
  21. Just bought it and SecondLife works just like a charm! Perfect ♥ Many thanks to everyone Hugs!
  22. Hello :) I am about to start using Marvelous Designer to create clothes for SL.I have found some youtube tutorials on how to create mesh clothes,but I don't know how to find a full tutorial/guide from A to Z (create the clothes->extract/make UV maps->export->upload to SL in the standard sizes). Can anybody please,be kind and share this kind of a tutorial with me,if you have/know one? ♥
  23. Hmmm,well I am more focused on creating on a good,non-laggy sim and ocassionaly let's say I will visit a club or a big shopping ,maybe a club.I want to hit the Ultra graphics for some great product pictures
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