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Found 7 results

  1. So I bought a little piece of land ( my first ) and I just find out the owner of the estate will abandon the entire land so I imagine it will affect me and the others living there. I'm wondering what will happen next. Will I keep my parcel? Lose it? Should I sell it? Abandon? I'm completely lost and need advice pls pls
  2. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Laurier/33/180/41 3X Abandoned land UPDATE NOW 4X SEE BELOW, 1024 Mature, Nice Sunsets, lots of abandoned land in the distance. One neighbor does have a sky platform too low, but that can easily be derendered. Great spot for first home -- Build your own, or move into the free house. Abandoned land on three sides: 1024 flat land, great for your first home. C'mon -- you know it's gonna be at least half a year before the new Linden Homes become abundantly available lol Why not have a home NOW? Being surrounded on three sides by abandoned land means you'll never miss a sunset because someone built a giant statue of Bart Simpson mooning you. Don't have a cow, man -- Have a sunset! Don't feel like building? You don't have to -- we're including a FREE HOUSE and trees! Or blow them up and build your own lol (Dynamite not included) The roof terrace has plenty of room for chairs and such, and is a great spot to watch the sun slip bellow the horizon: "Enough about sunsets already! How's the view to the EAST?" O.K., O.K.! Here's a sunrise view instead. Plus I've met the neighbor to the East -- She's friendly. Or stay in your enclave and turn the sky black if you hate sunsets so much. lol The choice is yours. UPDATE: THE NEIGHBOR ABANDONED HER LAND AS WELL. THis means that the parcel is now 4X SURROUNDED BY ABANDONED LAND. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Laurier/33/180/41 Priced so it won't break your piggy bank -- a bargain for 4X Abandoned land and a free house.
  3. There seems to be a lot of interest in buying land over in the SSP discussion, and it's an issue that comes up periodically, so I thought I would start this thread in the spirit of keeping the discussion from leading the SSP thread completely off topic. 🙂 the Linden Lab policy on requesting sales of abandoned land is here: if you take a look at that, you will see that there are some pretty widespread misconceptions. For example, there is no rule requiring that people surround the abandoned parcel on three sides to create a sufficient claim to justify the sale of abandoned land to them. But there is a guideline saying that people who already own land in the region get priority over others. I own only about ¼ region and it is a little bit scattered into various locations in the grid. But the overwhelming majority of the land I have has been purchased as abandoned land. It's probably the least expensive way to buy land and there is so much out there that it really isn't hard to find something desirable-- albeit a few categories, like Blake Sea land, are pretty hard to come by. I've always understood LL's policy on this to be a way of putting land back into use. It doesn't earn them any money and it doesn't look great when it is just sitting there empty. So it seems like buying abandoned land is a win-win for both LL and the user. That said, the guidelines really are just guidelines rather than hard and fast rules. There is a lot of discretion on whether or not they will approve or deny a request or put a parcel up for auction rather than sell it to you. So I always approach it as a favor that they don't have to grant. I say please. I don't state the request as if it's a demand that I'm entitled to. I follow the guideline by mentioning if I own a parcel in the region. And at the end of the transaction, I always say thank you to whichever Linden I've interacted with. That's mostly a matter of just doing my best to be good people. But, when you work in customer service, things like that can be a big deal. I also tell LL a bit about what I plan to do with the parcel I'm asking to buy. I don't really know, but I would imagine that they are less interested in selling to a land baron who is going to flip it and immediately sell it to someone else a much higher price. I've always had the impression that they want people to buy abandoned land so that those people will actually use it. So I don't say much, but I do put in a sentence or two saying that I'd like to buy this parcel to expand my dock, or to build a river, or whatever else. I have heard that LL considers disciplinary records when deciding whether to grant or deny a request to buy abandoned land. That wouldn't surprise me. So if you've ever been banned from the forums or the grid, that could be a factor against you. Again, I don't know, but I would not be surprised at all if LL looked at what people do with the land they already have. I have heard stories of Lindens popping into large parcels in particular to have a look see. If that's the case, I would guess that they probably would favor aspiring buyers who use things in a community friendly way. In the land that I buy, I try to build pleasant--even beautiful--environments that make the surroundings nicer. In one spot, I am one of several buyers who tend to buy land as it becomes available largely just for preservation purposes to keep it beautiful and open for others to use. My parcels are always, without exception, open to visitors, so there are never ban lines or security orbs to keep everybody else out. If someone is causing me problems, I will ban them individually. I don't think I have anyone banned on any of my parcels at the moment. You're welcome to have a look at an example of the type of thing I'm talking about my current construction project here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Koss/124/240/129 I own almost 15,000 m² on that region. It probably does not hurt that when I bought much of it (as abandoned land), I was using a large chunk of it as a community holiday land. I set it up as a place where anyone could come, join a group just long enough to rez some holiday decor that brought them a bit of joy for the holiday season, and then leave if they wished. I plan on doing the same during the upcoming holiday season unless something happens to prevent me from still owning the land at that time. Another project at the back of my mind is to build a community center somewhere to use it as a venue for a mixture of different types of events— parties, exhibits, etc. But I haven't found the right place yet or really figured out exactly what it is that I will plan to do there. if you do stop by, please do say hi in an IM or just walk over and say hi if I am on the property. And definitely don't forget to feed the ducks. 🙂 So these are my thoughts on the subject of buying abandoned land. Sorry for the length.
  4. ChloeVida

    Abandoned land

    Hello.I'm interested in buying an abandoned land in order to list it for rental.My questions are: 1.Would I be allowed to rent it? 2.Is there any monthly fee for/after buying an abandoned land? Sorry if I sound like a noob,I just don't know many things about lands & such ☺
  5. There were a couple of nice plots (512) near to my home, which had been abandoned. So I was keeping an eye on auctions every day in case they came up. Now I notice they have been sold recently (two days ago), and the new owner has combined them and is already selling the 1024 plot - asking L20,000. I'm not saying that person has done anything wrong... but how can abandoned land get sold in that way, without an auction, to someone who has no link to the plots and is clearly a speculator? Am I missing out on a way to purchase abandoned land? I'm not linking to the plot here, as I don't want to accuse the new owner of anything publicly, but I am curious as to how this can happen. (And, I admit it, a little annoyed).
  6. First, even with events, the destination guide, or being a busy city, doesn't hold a candle to the traffic count of the abandoned land in my sim (or all over the mainland). Traffic in the THOUSANDS for abandoned land? I thought there were bot and resources policies, but nothing gets done for YEARS except for the lag. Now, they do not even do anything about adult content. We have to look at a giant 1/8th sim sized glowing Male Genitalia. We don't live in Zindra, but maybe we should. I never see this in Zinda. You get an unobstructed view of this disgusting thing for sims and sims and sims and sims away. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Foxglove/59/36/52 I wonder if I would get in trouble for posting a screenshot, while no one does anything about the in-world version? Why do us suckers even bother?
  7. Secluded & Serene - Nestled in a stony ridge on Innisallen, you'll find the perfect little starter home or get-away spot. 512sq m parcel with abandoned land on 3 sides and protected land in front. The back is landscaped with a waterfall, meadow flowers and trees. There is a bench to sit and enjoy the waterfall and a small deck behind the cottage for sitting or a bbq with friends.The front has a water view and roadway. You can hop one of the pods that travel along the road to take the Western Isles of Corsica pod tour. Your closest neighbour is a few parcels over but the spot itself is pretty secluded. Sale includes all landscaping, a one room cottage and the stone bench. There are 175 prims total with 70 prims available to add your own personal touches if you keep all landscape etc as is. Move in today! Was $2785 Lindens - Now Only $2092! To see it & buy visit: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Innisallen/4/90/110
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