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  1. Jadeclaw -- Exactly, though I think the panic was warranted and they are scrambling to adhere to new regulations. I just showed an example of how a terrorist organization could easily funnel $20,000 a day to any organization that were bomb building in any country. LL and Bitcoin transactions = millions per month.
  2. It's obvious that emotions on this issue make impossible to discuss it with any sense of coherency . This post was about illegal money laundering activity and loopholes in process of electronic currencies. I'd venture to say that few posters even read the links I provided. This isn't hard to undersand: 1) The US Cyber Crimes Division have determined that electronic currencies offer an opportunity to launder money easily and that can be used for everything from illegal drug, gambling or even terroist activity. 2) Because currency can be "exchanged" using LL and Third Party Exchanges
  3. I know everyone loves to hate the Lindens but I think the TOS change that effects Third Party Exchanges has more to do with illegal currency activity than anyone here comprehends. This is espceially true for Exchanges that offer options to move LInden Dollars to BitCoin currency. As in most of the world, regulations are not created for those that use a system fairly but for those willing to exploit it. While most SL participants simply want an easy way to participate in the SL economy, an element of evil is out there looking at new was to cheat one person or another out of something. Google &q
  4. I'm 100% guy -- gasp -- and I love sexy feet, shoes, nylon and covered toes. I guess you could call it a fetish but mostly its just good, slow foreplay. There is an awesome HUD for it on the Marketplace.
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