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  1. The only way to have your name as creator is if the full perm kit came with the DAE file and you upload it yourself. Anyone who uploads the files is the creator. You will have to contact the full perm kit seller and ask for the DAE file. Good luck.
  2. Ok bye, go buy more templates and come back when you have more stupid questions.
  3. Yes and a full forum page takes time to write and time is money. Which brings me back to my point that not alot of people are willing to give away their hard work for free. A "straight forward" workflow is asking for alot more than just "designing, modeling, UV mapping, texturing and rigging". What you've said there is a very general statement in regards to making clothes. Yes alot of people on here will share their knowledge but no one will take the time to build the whole puzzle for you. That is alot of work that is not usually given away for free.
  4. I don't work in Blender (I work in 3ds Max) but I assume the process is very similar. I would just select the neck bone and paint weights onto the color to give the collar more weight on the neck bone.
  5. Lol this post made me laugh...i'm not sure if the photo is suppose to impress me or what? How can anyone want to be your friend when all you have to say about yourself is your name.
  6. I think it's hard to get a "straightforward" answer on work flow because let's face it, getting a good workflow nailed down is hard work. Who wants to give their hard work away for free?
  7. I don't know why you started your post with "for all you clothing CREATORS". Your question was clearly in regards to a clothing TEMPLATE.
  8. Um...i'm not really sure but it seems to me like you could solve a big portion of your problem if you just rigged most of it to the neck bone. A collar isn't really suppose to move all the much when you move your shoulders...
  9. Wow Orca must a be troll's name. Seriously dude, we got the message loud and clear like two pages ago...you DON'T like this tablet.
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