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  1. http://www.youtube.com/user/SurfaceProGaming?feature=watch The above link is to a person who bought one of the Surface Pros and did a ton of testing on lots of different games. Unfortunately Second Life isn't one of them. Scroll through the videos if you're interested in this tablet to get an accurate idea of what it can handle and what it can't as far as games go. At that I really have nothing more to say or respond to any comments, people can decide for themselves whether this particular device suits their needs or not. Take care all!
  2. I'll let the major websites who do marketing analysis tell me whether they're dying or not. I never said tablets would replace desktops. (EDIT -> I said you could replace your desktop with one if a person had the desire to do so.)
  3. "I see no need to continue this discussion it's already gone." Meant I have no desire to continue having a conversation about mobile Second Life with a person who: Does not even carry around a cell phone. Has no tablets and professes not interested in one. Has no idea how to use bluetooth (and further insinuates that pairing bluetooth devices is difficult). Added 0% productive information to this thread (other then to whine about the way I've logged into Second Life because it doesn't match her image of how it should be done). Made snippy and rude insinuating comments. Requires absolute t
  4. I think I'll be just fine, just like all the other computers I've ever owned which had an integrated video card that lasted years. Haters are always going to hate. I see no need to continue this discussion it's already gone.
  5. And you've made that very clear. Thank you for your input about how you like to stay stationary in a thread about mobile Second Life.
  6. Actually there is a touch keyboard. Pairing the physical bluetooth keyboard and mouse took less then 30 seconds, also, and totally isn't required. But you're going to hate on the tablet no matter what judging from your response. Not everybody needs to walk around with ultra graphics on. I certainly don't feel the need to go buy a top of the line gaming system merely to see prettier pixels in Second Life. Just because it doesn't work for you doesn't mean it doesn't work for other people. Different strokes for different folks. And why would a person want to use SL on the move? Being
  7. Yeah, I mean, before buying it I did a lot of research about it. I really did not have high expectations for it, I figured maybe 5-10fps in SL on lower end settings. I didn't buy it specifically for gaming, so being able to SL from it is just an added perk. So being able to get the frame rates out of it that I am getting on medium level graphic settings is just... awesome sauce all the way around lol. Many people out there want to bang on the Surface Pro, it's opponents are comparing it to desktops and laptops which isn't fair at all. It's a tablet with laptop hardware, which does not
  8. So I saw a few people asking around the forums about a mobile platform capable of playing Second Life. For the most part, while people have confirmed that it's possible to do, many have said devices would not run Second Life up to par and that the general experience would be a poor one. I cringe when I see statements like that, as many of the newer systems today are completely overkill hardware wise for a game that's a decade old. Even an Andriod cell phone can log into Second Life, albiet very poorly, but it's possible. Well today I'd like to smash some of those accusations. :) (EDIT: Just
  9. I bought one of the Surface Pros. It has run everything I've thrown at it, and it's done it quickly. It completely amazed me and runs many things better then my i5 8GB DD3 (2GB dedicated video (NVidia)) desktop does. My desktop is a bit dated, but I certainly didn't expect this little tablet to out perform it. I've tested Neverwinter (mmo) and get great FPS out of it using it's autodetect settings. Lowering some of the settings produces seamless gameplay. I've tested Guild Wars 2 (mmo) and get playable FPS out of it using it's autodetect default settings. Again, lowering some of the settings
  10. This is sort of a late reply, sorry folks, I see the thread died two weeks ago or so... but.. I wanted to make note of the appearance manager. I save all my outfits in my appearance manager in the event something like that happens, open appearance manager find your outfit and click Wear and viola, your avatar is restored. No searching and fumbling through your inventory for all your stuff then. Couple that with good inventory organization (a pain, I know..), and you'll never lose stuff again.. well, unless a hiccup happens on the grid lol. Hope that helps with any future avatar issu
  11. Other then using Control + P to open preferences really quick-like I don't think so. Not for draw distance anyways.. I could see how features like that could be really useful though, especially for combat/roleplay sims where some people need to quickly change graphic settings to get a quick FPS boost to even be able to participate in said combat. From the Advanced Menu (Control + Alt + D), you can scroll down to Rendering Types to see the hotkey codes for certain rendering items. Many of those can be disabled on the fly to get a quick FPS increase, although you wouldn't want to disabl
  12. Hiya NteazR, I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with the website. Disable all your web browser addons and try again. If the problem persists, try using a different web browser. Some common browsers are: Google Chrome Firefox and of course, Internet Explorer If you're experiencing the same problem in all of the browsers, then I'm not really sure what to tell you... other then maybe file a support ticket with Linden Labs... When posting odd problems like this in a forum, for others to be able to really help you and get an accurate idea of what could possibly be causing the problem
  13. Hiya Vida, I use Firefox with a couple of addons that restrict advertisements, javascript, and flash.. When I don't permit the Second Life website permission to use certain functions I also get the perpetual loading circles.. But I've still always been able to buy $L.. Anyways, you might want to take a look at your web browser addons to see if they might be denying access to things.. Hope that helps.
  14. Hi Gandulf, I have a little experience in this area but not a whole lot.. I will try to help you out. To start, direct linking the URL in the parcel settings for media won't work for a movie (I don't believe so). The viewer we use to connect to Second Life would need all sorts of video and sound codecs and software built in to render the video as well (a player). If there's no screen to play the movie on well then you don't get a movie.. Most people achieve what you're trying to do with a media player from the Marketplace. But keep in mind it's even more difficult even with a media player t
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