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  1. I was removed from a group, because of allegations against me, stating I was asking for personal information from people. Not only would I never do anything like that, but I haven't had access to Second Life, since my computer said "Hey SL FU." My computer won't connect to the SL servers, and that happened around December 26-29, so it's been over a month since i've been able to log into second life, but now, I've been getting offline messages stating I've been dishonorably discharged, for something I never did, nor could do.
  2. We also need ROTC cadets too, if you want further info, visit the sim, and ask for Devin, or Jamie
  3. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mignonne/104/108/21 We're needing Police, Fire department, FBI members, Bikers, DOT, among other people. What we really need is rpers
  4. Not airing out my rp issues, simply letting people know that I am no longer there. And let me get this straight, you aren't even interested in rping at Starbase 248...so...why were you even reading the posts then? If you're not interested in something, and you don't wish to create conflict, why post on the topic? Why even read the topic?
  5. At Star Base 248, people lived in somewhat peaceful ways, however, after a while, things started to go wrong. Fires broke out, chemical leaks occured, even attacks, damaging the Base's hull, occured. In order to counter all these, The Star Base 248 Fire and Rescue Squad was founded. We are just starting out, and need more people to join us. 1. Please only Non child sci fi av (literally anything will do, My av is a shade sergal, with a gas mask because he can't breathe air, and robotic legs, since he lost his legs in an accident. He was not born, he was created in a far off space station, as a way to replicate illegal chemicals, using a reptiian egg as the petri dish. Instead of replicating the chemicals, they simply melded with the egg, and after a few months of rapid growth, he was released from stasis. The lab was busted by the interstellar marines, and all possessions, including him, were confiscated. He ended up joining the marines, and then he founded the Star Base 248 Fire and Rescue squad. So it's not like we discourage a bunch of avs lol.) No child avs are allowed, because it IS an Adult sim, not due to sexual reasons, or stuff like that, just due to what happens. There is some violence, and some people are armed. 2. You do not need to know how to rp. Yes we do rp. No we do not discourage people who don't know how to rp. We will teach you how to rp if you don't know how If you wish to know more, then please message me, inworld, my name is TheonlyJohnny If you wish to see the sim, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Seraphim%20Island/184/63/3082 There is a link to it
  6. Please disregard this topic, I am no longer Fire Chief, nor am I ever Roleplaying at Sea Side Heights ever again. My job was unrightfully taken from me, for one little mistake, so...yeah, if you guys rp there, good luck
  7. SeaSide Heights is a brand new sim. We are in need of rpers. We offer the following roles General Citizen Police Department Fire Depertment / EMS/EMT Hospital Staff Department of Transport Biker MC Club Stripper / Hooker Criminals as well Contact Kasey Abbot, lonewolfnz Cyberstar, Manny Ashland, or TheonlyJohnny if interested
  8. You could also post here, instead of Iming me
  9. Squad name: The Hunters Sim: The Tellus Squad Size ATM: 1 (me) Description: We are a brand new squad on the sands of The Tellus. We work inside the domed the city, and outisde the domed city, protecting civilians, from all non sentient life that poses a threat to the safety of those inside the domed City. If you're worried about it being a military, do not worry, we are not a military. We don't take orders from the Government, however, we are Military like. As in, we have ranks, and we fight with weapons. We call superiors, Sir or Ma'am, however desertion is your choice. We don't force you to stay, but if you do stay, you'll earn lots of respect, new friends, authority over new recruits, and awesome rp sessions. If you wish to know more, simply message me in world. If I am offline, so what?, message me anyway, and I will get back to you when I get online. Keep in mind, Tellus is a post apocalyptic scifi rp
  10. Was just able to log in on the grid . but can't tp, my Lindens say ???, can't change groups, can't change my av, can't load profiles
  11. I am able to login to my dashboard through the second life facebook app, but that's it lol
  12. Are there any furry friendly Starship troopers based rps? If so, any active ones?
  13. You know, I posted this to ask a simple quetion, not to have you come in and bad mouth my store. So have a nice day, you jerk.
  14. So I wouldn't get banned for selling them in my shop then?
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