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  1. There are alot of racist lindens i guess.
  2. and could you translate that into 12 hour time and i want the sl and 24 hour time
  3. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????:smileyfrustrated: or its SL time Well i live in PA it might be different
  4. he griefed me first and i use a combat hud to protect myself you all are bullcrap. HE GOT NO PUNISHMENT It's kinda hard when you get banned so fast you can't file one. Haha the LL way is that like sucking each other off and Doing 1 thing for once. lol i wanted to work for LL but ill work somewhere else.I seee its gay and they all have foreign objects stuck up there but. No wonder people start rebellion.Even a **bleep**ing linden turned on his own.Man these groups consist of PN NIGHTMARE DENCH, ETC i guess they really do have a reason Sure Justice will never be served. **bleep** it ill just wait the bann out. And for lindal kidd tou know damn well i accidentally rezzed a bad thing that some one gave me and it took me 55mins to find all and delete
  5. wtf what did i do Well it said account not avalible unitll march 28th 14:23:09 pacific time that was not my fault and like yesterday
  6. I Laid Down a little thing that I thing is called 'Blotto and reshape and sends particles what should I do. IT WAS an ACCIDENT :( That really didnt help.
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