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  1. https://kultivatemagazine.com/2019/01/20/1pm-slt-edge-gallery-grand-reopening/ Join us at 1pm slt today for the grand reopening of The Edge Gallery of Black and White Imagery! Live performer Quartz will be on hand for a 1 hour performance and the dresscode is casual: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Water%20Haven/43/212/27
  2. Kultivate Select Gallery is seeking artists for the upcoming Feb 3, 2019 exhibition! This is a themed gallery and the theme for Feb is love or anti valentine. Your artwork must match the theme. To express interest: https://kultivatemagazine.com/artist-opportunities/
  3. Windlight Art Gallery will have its grand reopening on January 6, 2019 @ 1 pm slt! We are seeking artists who are interested in exhibiting. To express interest, please visit the following page: https://kultivatemagazine.com/upcoming-events/
  4. The 2018 Winter Art Show will take place during the 2018 Winter Showcase and will open until December 8, 2018! This event features a variety of artists who have generously donated artwork in support of Team Diabetes of Second Life! For more info: https://www.teamdiabetessl.org/winter-showcase/winter-art-show
  5. The 2018 Winter Showcase & Art Show in support of Team Diabetes of Second Life has opened! This event takes place until December 8, 2018 and features live performers, 2 hunts, shopping, art, and lots of winter fun! For more info: https://www.teamdiabetessl.org/winter-showcase
  6. The Autumn Art Show has started and is in support of Team Diabetes of Second Life, an authorized and official team of the American Diabetes Association! For a list of artists: https://www.teamdiabetessl.org/scare-me-silly/autumn-art-show slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Water%20Haven/190/53/22
  7. Scare Me Silly is open! This event is the first in the Team Diabetes of Second Life fundraising season and features live music, djs, 2 hunts, an art show, shopping, and tricks and tricks! For more info: https://www.teamdiabetessl.org/scare-me-silly slurl: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Water%20Haven/148/143/22
  8. Rock Your Rack 2018, which raises money for The National Breast Cancer Foundation, will take place September 29 to October 13, 2018 this year and Kultivate is pleased to once again curate the Art Show and Raffle! If you are either a 2D or 3D artist and would like to raise money for a good cause, visit the following link for guidelines and to register: https://goo.gl/1icH1U
  9. The 2nd Annual Sensuality Exhibition, curated by Kultivate Magazine is now open! This special exhibition features a variety of sensual, erotic, sexual, and adult themed art! For a list of artists and events: https://kultivatemagazine.com/sensuality-exhibition/
  10. Applications for Kultivate's 3rd Annual Anniversary Summer Art Show & and the special hunt for this year's anniversary are both open! More info, including the application form and a list of events can be found here: https://kultivatemagazine.com/3rd-anniversary-summer/
  11. Registration is now open for The 2nd Annual Spring Sensuality Exhibition! The 2nd Annual Spring Sensuality Exhibition will take place May 11 to 13, 2018. This is Kultivate's only adult themed art exhibition! To register and more info: https://kultivatemagazine.com/sensuality-exhibition/
  12. Exhibition opportunities are now open for registration at the Kultivate Galleries (Windlight Art Gallery, Kultivate Select Art Gallery, The Edge Gallery of Black & White Imagery, & The Kandis Gallery of Real Life Imagery) for March & April Exhibitions! To register: https://kultivatemagazine.com/artist-opportunities/
  13. 16,384 sq meter sailable water parcel for sale in Bailywick. Access to other sailable oceans. 5625 prims. You will have to be a premium member in other to buy this land. 50,000 lindens or best offer. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bailywick/114/126/1
  14. The 2017 Winter Showcase & Art Show is Now Open! Join us for the start of 10 days of fundraising, music, live performers, shopping, art, two hunts, and more in a winter setting and all in support of Team Diabetes of Second Life! For more info: https://teamdiabetessl.org/winter-showcase-winter-artshow/ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Water%20Haven/143/139/26
  15. The Red Hunt in support of Team Diabetes of Second Life has officially started! Shop in this special hunt where all items are 10 lindens with the proceeds going to Team Diabetes! For a list of merchants, hints, and some images of some of the prizes: https://teamdiabetessl.org/the-red-hunt-2/
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