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  1. Yes you're right, Its proberly useless and if they were up to no good LL would have banned them years ago ...
  2. The equipment I was talking about is still available on MP ( https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/GEMINI-CDS-301-April-2016/8908528 ) feel free to report it to LL.
  3. Well it may still work with these alts as they are 7 years old and in the data base system already. If only LL would look into it and find out their purpose. Yes it could be bogus as we have been fooled before by a guy with a thing called " Goonbouncer " the guy was a real con artist. Apparently he has passed away but his sim ,club and bot rental business is still running
  4. Try this, it bans people using ileagal viewers https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/GEMINI-CDS-301-April-2016/8908528
  5. If you're going to cause drama for other people don't cry " Wolf " when Karma comes knocking on your door
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