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  1. By the way, thank you for taking the time to put all that info in your reply.....smiles.
  2. I was inworld when i bought an item thru the marketplace. thats when i got the system message. i had no problem out of world while using the SL marketplace. I bet a nickel i am not the only person who is going to be getting this announcement in the next few days. I note that back in the old days of sl, inworld marketplace transactions didnt go thru your web browser, LL does create many of their own problems.
  3. Just bought something on the marketplace, got a linden message: Your browser doesnt support TLS 1.2, beginning june 15th you will no longer be able to access the cashier. I am using the latest version of mozilla's firefox, version 46.0.1. If the linden's wont let firefox users pay them money they are committing business suicide.
  4. The sad thing is the secondlife grid status page shows nothing is wrong, not too informative is it.
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