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  1. Thank you Milk and all that responded. I am doing what you suggested. Staring at the four default options under the "Select a Theme" drop down (and refreshing the page) hoping to see Bellisseria show up. =D
  2. Yes, I have done that a number of times, but only for the old style of LL homes. I missed out on the newer styles ie. the houseboats, etc. I am learning that to get something new seems to be a bit of a process.
  3. When someone abandons a LL house, does it show up as a yellow parcel for sale, or how else do we find out a house is available?
  4. So I am hovering over parcels that LL is assigning to others? If so, how do I get in line to get one?
  5. So, I am hovering above Castlewellan Overlook and Spring Creek, looking at the campers there. Some have yellow borders around the grid and one is red. Anyway, how does one go about claiming one of these? I realize this is a LL home and it is for Premium accounts. If it is only through the Clam Your Home button in the dashboard, how do you bring up this region?
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