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  1. Hi 16, Fun seeing you creativity!I love this costume! What a great idea:) Thanks for sharing! btw; I have a new sewing blog and I”m trying to get the word out there.
  2. It means that when there's a "sim surround" they appears as landscape around the actual borders of the sim. While the "bounding box" of the sim surround is actually the size of the entire sim. However, you are not able to r notice it in-world map because it's invisible and phantom.
  3. For me it’s a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is the fastest car Ferrari has ever produced, with top speed of 211 mph, the 2013 $330,000. It has a touch-of-sky performance transcended the limits of what seemed possible in a road-going two-seater.
  4. Hi, I think you must get in touch with a real estate agent. An agent will have a good knowledge about this matter.
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