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  1. For days now my sl voice chat won't work, yes it's on my mic works fine for skype, i hear music, and sounds idk why my voice chat is greyed out, please help ty:) Lindal Kidd i have checked all that, and it's all fine and my sl voice is still not working, any other solutions, i have clean reinstalled firestorm , restarted my computer , nothing seems to work it always worked fine before i never changed anything.
  2. Ok idk about anyone else but I can't even check out of MP now cause the advert cover my checkout side!!!! Grrrrr I am so now impressed!! Is anyone else having this issue and if so can you please im me in game and tell me how to get rid of it so I can checkout the items i want to buy ty. And a big Freakin GRRRRRRRR to LL!!!
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