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  1. Awesome! Thank you, Rolig and Madelaine! I had not known particles can go up and then back down; that is really cool. I will play with that, as well.
  2. Hello! :matte-motes-tongue: I have been playing around with a particle script out of boredom, and I have been having fun discovering with the various things I can do with it. I noticed that when the particles go up, they seem to go up into the sky for a loooooong way. Can particles be made to go up for only a certain amount? Like, for example...floating up three or seven (or any other amount of) meters and then stopping and / or vanishing once they hit that point? Or do they just go up into the SL sky forever while mystified residents see particles floating up through their skyboxes? I have be
  3. Despite the young age of this account, I have been freeform roleplaying in SL for a very long time...mainly as Drow. While I have played Drow of other religions, I prefer Lolth (or Lolth-like) Drow; but I am having trouble finding a sim to roleplay in. I usually have one of these three problems: - The sim does not have Lolth or Lolth-like Drow. - The sim does have them, but they are never around. - The sim does have them, but their roleplay hours are different from mine. Does anyone know of a sim out there which has Lolth (or Lolth-like) Drow who are active, and where some of them are (eve
  4. I agree with Peony; Torley comes to my mind. Some of the older Lindens (back when we used to be able to IM them) also enter my mind.
  5. The red/brown pulsing thing might be the particle effect your avatar gets when it is not loading. Try this: - Open your inventory and wait until it is fully loaded - Go to the Develop menu (if you use Phoenix or Firestorm, you can get it by clicking Ctrl + Alt + Q) - Go to Avatar - Go to Character Tests - Click Test Male or Test Female (whichever one is your gender) After that, rebake (Ctrl + Alt + R) multiple times. After a while, you should get a newbie avatar; everything you are already wearing (including skins, shapes, et cetera) will be detached and replaced by the newbie's skin, s
  6. I am a guy, and I have been in SL since mid-2006 (this is merely a new account). I have seen many fashions come and go in SL during that time. One thing has always remain constant, however: there are always a lot of women who dress normally and look normal. I have no trouble finding them. As the others said, you must be in the wrong places.
  7. Go to places and events, and join groups, which interest you; other people with similar interests shall also be there. At sims you like, become a regular; you will begin to get to know other regulars there over time, and friendships are often made that way. In groups (I recommend groups that focus on your talents, or interests, or something important to you), start up conversations in them or join conversations...but don't do it rarely; do it a lot. People will get to know you through that method, too. I am not saying friends will begin falling out of the sky as you start doing these two thing
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