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  1. We don't need to know how much scripts are using to calculate what is available...geez. disable scripts on the entire region and see for yourself. Everyone always falls back to the mono argument, it's really irrelevant. But I will leave you girl/boys with it. Keep blaming the lab for the lag or try and help remedy the problem if you wish. Carry on..
  2. Nothing right about it, we know exactly how much memory is allocated to a region because we know how to do math and we can see the region statistics, educate yourselves or not, but don't act like you know something you don't. It doesn't help anyone....
  3. @CoffeeDujour You have no idea what you're talking about. Obviously haven't spoke to anyone else who does either. What are you a troll ?
  4. This is something I have thought about asking creators to include into their "color/texture" changers as simply right clicking and stopping scripts in objects would also kill any sit animations, etc. But I wasn't sure it could be done as I never got into scripting in SL. I would have thought by default they would timeout, but that is not the case... Is it possible to have texture changing venues include a stop button that would in affect kill those scripts while leaving the main scripts running ? I dunno, but I'm sure it has been looked into by active SL creators.
  5. As compared to mine it would seem so But no, likely it is pretty close to normal with modern avatars and attachments. You could take a trip to a nightclub that has visitor monitors and compare yourself with others, but the main thing in my mind is being aware of the differences it makes in your own experience when you reduce scripts. Obviously some things are more important than others and you really don't want to walk around without a head. None of us want a completely static SL, yet that seems to be the argument some make when these discussions come up. There is a way to compromise without giving up your enjoyment. In many cases reducing scripts on your avatar and parcel can even enhance it. Being aware of it and making a conscious effort to use only what you need will go a long way. You'll notice the difference in your own experience as you start to see the regions resources less strained. Pay attention to region script spare time, when there is 0 spare time there are scripts trying to run that can't, possibly even someone AO so they are walking in slow motion, or menus taking ages to open, delayed rezzzing, and out right fails on rez. It can get bad in crowed areas, this was the reason for the post here. Not so much to rehash the region resource debate. But, in the new Linden Homes there is already a problem, if it's left to be dealt with as it has in the past I think we only have to look at the old homes to see where this is headed. Thanks for your attention and concerns, I am in no position to tell anyone what is and what is not acceptable. I own a full mainland region and I can do that there should I choose. Let's just hope the new regions can remain enjoyable for all in the future
  6. About Land Script Info My Avatar - shows the scripted items you are wearing. Excellent tools for finding such problems in more detail... https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Dvandva-Prim-Script-Counter/4581624 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Dvandva-Avatar-Script-Monitor/4581686
  7. An old link with information as valid today as it was when it was written http://www.shxonline.com/en/support/slsupport/preventing-lag
  8. @Louminca I would love to see the Lab take that initiative as they are certainly more knowledgeable than myself. As for checking there are several tools available on the MP as well as available in your viewer under about land. Prim script analysers are also available for furniture scripts like you mentioned. I would doubt they are much of a problem to be honest, but knowing is better than not
  9. It's not just confined to the new Continents. The new continents are just more densely populated at the moment. Any time you have regions divided into 1024s and those 1024s are occupied you will see the same results. Most of the replies to this post show the overall attitude though, and is exactly why the Lab will not likely increase resources to help combat the problem. Throw another 128 megs at it and we'll need another core to deal with it. Then creators will simply add more scripts and avatars will wear even more scripts just because they can. I didn't really expect any of the regulars here to have a change of heart, they are all well aware of the problem. Just thought it might help someone waiting for a new home to realize, until the new wears off and they're mostly abandoned like the old Linden Homes, not much hurry to get there.... Carry on....
  10. One thing I have noticed since getting my Linden Home is the lack of spare time in the new regions. Many people seem to be unaware that we are all very limited in terms of region resources and script time, "memory"; is perhaps the most limiting. SL Regions only have 128 megabytes of memory which equates to about 22 ms script time. When dealing with the Lab in the past concerning a severely over-scripted region. We were told each region should support approximately 4000 scripts. While script count is not the most important factor in region performance, and script counters can be very deceiving; it is at least a starting point to determine where a regions poor performance might be coming from. Good info here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Viewerhelp:Statistics The important part is the scripts actual memory time usage. Some scripts use more than others. But we have very good tools to check these things now days and simply disabling scripts not in use helps a lot. Many items contain scripts that we never use once we have placed them on our sims.So what is using the most on our regions these days ..???... Boats? Planes? Flying Pickles ? In my experience avatars use the most region memory by far. People wearing silly things that weigh down their avatars and they likely don't even know it. I have had many tenants complain about region "lag" while they themselves were using over 10 megs of region resources. There is no reason to wear your adult private parts while you are trying to sail a boat, or fly a plane, or even converse with your neighbour 😉 Turn that crap off ! If we are going to have 20-30 residences per region we are going to have to make some compromises.. Adult furniture is also very script heavy but most can be turned off when not in use. A little awareness of your resource usage a a little consideration for your neighbours can go a long way By the way, I personally think the Lab did a fantastic job of the new regions so far and I am very much looking forward to the rest. Thanks guys!
  11. Being able to cross regions without being logged out would be nice.
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