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  1. Nice, large, level parcel for sale. Quiet sim, laid back neighbors. I've owned it for years and no longer need so much space! 1L/sqm http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tweddle/73/75/78 Need additional info, please send notecard to me inworld.
  2. Two days in a row now, I have logged in to my Merchant Home page to see that I have had items removed from my listings for violations, see my email or listings for more details. Well, there are no emails, despite me double checking that they are enabled. I have no idea what is even being removed as I have a couple hundred listings and I just don't keep track of all of them that closely. Here's the thing... 99.9% of my items are breedables and gacha items. There is nothing there that I am *claiming* to own. All the gacha items are clearly labled as such in the description, listed in the Used category. Breedables in Breedables. I tried speaking to Live Chat for any info they could give me and I was shut down saying only the IP team could talk to me. I sent them an email and have heard nothing, of course. Yet, the notice reappeared today, still no email to refer to, still mystified as to what exactly is going on. I would try to fix whatever the issue is, if I wasn't just shooting in the dark with no idea what it *is*.
  3. 6272m 1435prim Perfect land for whatever you are looking for! Priced low at $6200L Here's your ride! Check it out!
  4. Compact 512m lot on Bonita perfect for stores, small homes, etc for only 500L It's next door twin is for sale for the same price if you want something a bit larger. Here's your taxi
  5. That is what I read and that's what I figured. When I asked someone in game though, they said that if it was 'in your own home' then it different. I wanted it clarified for sure before I began moving furniture in.
  6. I am looking at several parcels to purchase and the one I love is rated PG. Does that affect the furniture with poseballs that I can have in my house? It will be secure, in my house and not open to the public. I know that is acceptable in moderate land but I can't find anything specific about homes on PG rated sims.
  7. As I said, I looked at the solutions posted in other places, made sure I had exhausted resources and tried updating all windows updates, clean installs, drivers being the right ones... still getting a error message saying they are out of date or unsupported. Never had a problem with drivers or this exact vid card working in Win 7. -Edit- Not sure the answer directly below is a solution as I don't even get to a login. When I try to start the viewer, it says "detecting hardware" and immediately kicks me out to the error message. -Edit2- Did try, it is apparently running into an error in Catalyst and NOT installing 13.4 beta. (Have 13.1 installed) The error report doesn't give much info as to why, just that it was not.
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