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  1. The Vista AOs have a basic 1 hug and 1 kiss in them (I think - I only have- female versions on my avs) You can always go to the shops and try the animations out.
  2. There has been some wonderful photos so far in this thread.....okay so i'm not smiley but i'm not frowny either.
  3. Hi would it be possible to post a link to of a copy of a RL pic of the sort of thing you're looking for, if I spot anything like it on my travels I will let you know.
  4. JoLiebe


    I'm currently seeking a small number of photographers to work with in world for my new business. Contact Joliebe in world for more details, if we are to work together I will need to see examples of your work/flickr feed and the rates you charge. Thanks Jo
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