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  1. I so remeber when lindens did not have control of the market place from the start and there was a free section , then when lindens got a hold of it , every thing changed they got rid of the free section , ect , i wish they would bring it back , as i see it i would look at the free things then go to the in world store to see what they had to offer , so so bought more then . but then all the demos popping up i got discoraged and stopped shopping on Marketplace for good , as i see false advertizing on some demo's making them seem to be the real deal then chargeing for the demos , so messed up any more , i see the point of the demo but give us a break already , have a section for demos , then one for freebiees
  2. I would love to have lindens to add more group spaces it about time for it !! We dont have enough ... WE have a clubs, some have Role play group ,Store ect ...And any more these Groups are charge as the result of grifiver and spammer . unlikly they will get in fo they charge ... But with not alot of group space some are going brokes having to get rid of some ..adding more them having to get the other ones back . due to lack of space ..Honestly i would like the number to go up where we can have at least 60 groups ..It time for the change ...Just saying think about it ? Any one else give a thumbs up if ya Agree Smiles and have a great day
  3. i cant get in Knock Knock Shonda and i cant get a message to my husband grr
  4. They said they Resolved the dsn server issue but i still cant get in .... hurry up not all is fixed please and thanks yu Shonda
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