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  1. How do you report a private message you received from another user on the forum, so that a moderator can deal with that?
  2. I even sent a PM about this to a moderator and he/she didn't even answer!
  3. Well, still no moderator here answering this or saying anything at all. Seems like I need to start a thread in order to insult them, even if I don't mean these insults serious, it seems that this is the only way to get their attention!
  4. Do the moderators or LindenLab employees even take a look at the feedback section of the forum? It would be really great if someone of them could actually answer to the threads that are being posted in the feedback-forum.
  5. ah yes, I had created a suggestions collection thread and it was gone all of a sudden. Already asked about that one in the feedback section, but still didn't get an official answer
  6. Yes, I think so too. (because no one is doing anything against it) I have heard rumors this is a new way for LindenLabs to earn more money, they are getting paid and therefore the spambots are allowed to post those ads
  7. So in the end I was right with the new record :matte-motes-big-grin-wink: (unfortunately)
  8. Thank you very much. But unfortunately it still doesn't really explain, why a thread about "collecting suggestions on how to fight the recent spam" got deleted
  9. Hello LindenLabs and team members of the forum, I would talk about one thing concerning the deletion of two threads of mine: The first one was a general rant about that Mumbay spam (well, maybe the deletion was justified because it wasn't the best thread) But the other one was a general collection thread about possible ideas to fight the spam (no idea why this one got deleted) So, of course you can close and delete which threads you like, who am I to judge this? But it would be extremely nice to get at least a message from someone, which explains the reason for the deletion
  10. Yeah man, I think we got a new record here: About 2 full sides of Mumbay in the general section
  11. Dear LindenLabs or the ones who are in charge of the forum, how about introducing a system called CAPTCHAS ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAPTCHA ) for creating new threads in order to prevent a certain type of threads on the forum. Sincerely yours the friendly avatar from the neighbourhood
  12. Hello everyone, I do have a small problem with my avatar and maybe someone can help me. I am using a mesh avatar (it is a robot with a normal human body size) I am of course wearing a shape and a skin (which is completely black) and an alpha layer which makes the whole body disappear and then there is my mesh avatar body, which consists of two parts. I have no problem seeing my Avatar (everything looks fine) and most people have no problem at all. But there are always some people who have a problem with my avatar, my first thought was that they are using older viewer which simply can't display mesh. But the problem is that I am not invisible, but my Avatar appears to be an extremely large giant (so big that they can only see one foot) and it doesn't matter where I am on the sim, it always looks like a giant version of my robot avatar is standing on top of their avatar's head. I have found nothing about this problem on the internet, so does some here have an idea or suggestion what might cause the problem and if it is able to solve that?
  13. Not sure about that, but maybe you were sitting in a chair, on which you haven't been allowed to sit on?
  14. Thank you very much for answering to this thread and telling me some places. Unfortunatelly that Cornfiled region does no longer exists. And special thanks to Curious Hazelnut :matte-motes-smile: Now I do have many places to visit and explore.
  15. Hello everybody, I am currently interested in special and secret places all around SL. (If you tell about theme, then they are no longer secret of course :matte-motes-smile: ). But I am not just looking for place with secret in the name, I am rather interested in some mysterious stuff that might be somewhere in Second Life. For example: Places where no one is able to enter (maybe just Linden Lab people allowed)Abandoned sims where no one is ever goingPlaces that should not exist (maybe places that only exist because of a bug)So maybe some of you know about something like that
  16. MonicaMon wrote: hello friends. my partner changed my contact information (mail address etc..) and changed my password. Is it possible to take back my account please? Hey everyone, think about this: If MonicaMon' s partner has changed mail address and the password, she would not be able to log into the forum and post here. So MonicaMon is a) the person who has stolen this account or b) just a person who is joking on everyone here
  17. I am sorry that I couldn't reply a bit earlier, but I have been busy the last few days. As some of you would like to get some answers, I am trying to do my best in giving you further information. I am using Czari Zenovka's question as a reference for my answer: Czari Zenovka wrote: @OP Where did you go? We have a lot of unanswered questions such as: *Were you in some type of rp sim? (Many different types have been suggested in this thread.) *Other than you knew not to sit in "the chair" (but did so anyway), do you know the reason for the no-sitting-in-that-chair rule? *Were only redheads permitted to sit in the chair or were blondes and brunettes permitted to sit there as well? *If only redheads were permitted to sit in the chair, could a bonafide friend of a redhead sit in it as well. ("Bonafide" as in not some stranger in the sim that one "said" was a friend.) *If only redheads could sit in the chair, could those of other hair colors sit in the lap of the redheads? *Was lap-dancing permitted on a redhead's lap or could only redheads do the dancing? *How many people could sit on the redhead's lap at one time? *Did sitting in "the chair" involve a fee and you didn't pay it? *If yes, how much was the fee? *Did that include a redhead? *In the above discussion of redheads, are there designated authorities to check an alleged redhead's roots to make sure a bonafide redhead (ie. not a bottle red) was sitting in the chair? *Was there more than one chair that was forbidden to all but redheads and potentially friends of redheads? This post has been approved by the Federation of Redheaded Chair Sitters Edit: Grammar Okay, here we go: The placed I had been visiting is something like a "redhead dominion" and I would not not consider it as a role-playing area, but more as somekind of redhair lifestyle. There is not only one "special" chair, but there are about ten chairs where everyone one was allowed to sit in, and about ten chairs for a special type of person. Only redhaired females were allowed in these chairs. I would like toadd that I am not into this redhead lifestyle, I was just a guest visiting this sim and hanging around there. But it was alright for them, I told them that I would just be a visitor and they welcomed me and let me stay there. Oh, and here are answers to some of your other questions: - The red hair has to be natural (they are controlling your hair at the entrance) - The number of people who can sit on a redhead's lap at the same time is 17, but those sitting on the lap, were not allowed to have red hair
  18. I apologize, "hate" is really a strong term (I guess I should have chosen another weaker word for that). Of course it is the sim owner's rule and I have broke that rule. But I did not break it in order to annoy anyone there. In my opinion, it simply doesn't make any sense to have a rule like this. Maybe I should really face this with a more relaxed opinion.
  19. Ren Toxx wrote: CAPAL wrote: [...] Could we please go back to the original topic [...] ? [...] Are 'we' indeed discussing the issue, Capal, or were you just waiting for someone to somehow validate your action and ignore the rest? Because if you just wanted back-patting, perhaps you could just say so :smileywink: Of course I am trying to take part in the discussion, I just thought that I would would have written my opinion in the first post, but I guess I was wrong. I am of course not looking for someone who is validating my opinion :matte-motes-smile: I am just curious about your thoughts. Even if I would look for someone who agrees to me, it wouldn't change anything in the end. In general: I am really trying to write about this topic in polite and friendly way, but it looks like some people here are hating me for my personal opinion about this incident.
  20. Ren Toxx wrote: CAPAL wrote: [...] Well, I didn't take this rule too serious [...] It never, EVER fails to amaze me how some people allegedly don't feel the need to take sim rules seriously... but oh, when they're banned for that, they certainly DO take the consequences rather seriously :smileyindifferent: I am glad that I was able to amaze you, you are welcome. Thank you for your opinions so far. Could we please go back to the original topic and stop discussing about people with red hair? :matte-motes-smile:
  21. Pamela Galli wrote: Prisons are full of people who said "Well, I didn't take this rule too serious." and then blame their fate on the silliness of those who made and enforced the rule. Okay? Are you really comparing me, who broke the rule of sitting on a chair, with a criminal who is in prison? @ Nyll Bergbahn: I did apologize, but the owner didn't even react or answer to this. I can ban all redheads from my own place? I did not know that it is allowed to discriminate people in Second Life.
  22. Hello everyone, some days ago, I have been banned from a certain sim (I do not want to specify which one) and I would like to hear your opinion on this topic. Okay, this is what has happened: There is this sim I had been visiting regularly, it was a nice place, it has a good design and you can have some great conversations with some people there. All in all a nice place to hang around. This place has a large sitting area where the people are meeting, but the sim has one rule that says, that only a specific type of people is allowed to sit on the chairs. Well, I didn't take this rule too serious, and because I had been sitting on one of their chairs, the sim owner simply banned from that place. My opinion: I personally think, that this is a really ridiculous reason to get banned for. I didn't insult anyone there, I didn't harass anyone there (which are the real reasons to ban people for) and I didn't harm anyone there in any other way, besides of sitting on a chair :matte-motes-smile: In my opinion, it is a childish behaviour to ban people because of this. Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to hear you thoughts on this incident.
  23. Hello, nice to meet you. I am now for about 6 month in Second Life, but thisis my first post in this forum, so hello to all the people here on the forum :matte-motes-smile: It sometimes can be really hard for me to meet new people in the virtual world, so I would like to try it via the forum: Okay, so I am looking for people to hang around with in SL, to chat and to have fun with. I am 21 years old, male and from germany, and I am interested in many different things and always open for new experience, some things I like for example, are nature, music, different cultures, movies, playing games and many more ... So if you would be interested and would like to chat to get to know each other (preferable around my age, but not necessary) then you can contact me in this thread, or you can send me a notecard or private message in Second Life :matte-motes-smile: (oh, and I am using a robot as an avatar. I don't think that this is an important information, but I just wanted to warn you :matte-motes-wink: )
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