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  1. Ok...I tried making norton 360 allow the slplugin.exe and got 3 (and even 4...) after logging in...I can leave it logged in for awhile and let everything load...And profile help and search are still acting the same as in the pictures and the login page still only works once and the second time I use it looks like the bottom picture sigh. It does show the slplugin.exe working in the taskbar til I leave it after logging in then there's just one slplugin.exe... I'm going to quit premium if this keeps occuring cause I don't have time to keep fighting with these problems every day and don't feel like learning how to move etc and build all over again on firestorm. ;p Any other suggestions please before I give up and quit? I may try contacting ll cause I'm premium but not sure which way is the fastest for that. Thanks for the suggestions though...still have some hope I can get to the bottom of this cause it is very strange... Also I tried almost every official viewer...interesting the nvidia one and the one from November 6th that is official...no difference in this problem...when I stand though only one slplugin ends up staying active is that a problem? Also the official viewer of mine has FACEBOOK now...maybe that's part of the problem since not everyone has it apparently? idk...If you got a sl viewer to work on windows 8.1 please let me know what the date on it says thanks. Last edit I promise....: I just GAVE UP on these viewers cause I also noticed problems in firestorm...Destinations is blank that's not normal right? I'm seriously considering abandoning my land as well to show I'm serious about cancelling my premium if nothing can be done. =/ Also updated my profile from firestorm. ;p Apparently it has problems with my profile as well in v3 mode. Bleh. TLDR: Tried almost everything...I think I'll still end up having to contact premium help..What is the fastest method to do this please?
  2. Hi all I have been having problems with the second life viewer for about a week...The menus just seemed to quit working one day. I have tried the regular and beta viewers...right now I tried the newest beta but the basic problems have not changed at all...The viewer will seem fine the first time I log in with events and places listed...but once I log in I get the problems in the pictures. Search help and my profile have no picutres or text like they should...Also when I log out and back in I get a viewer with no events or places listed to log in to. I tried many things..uninstalling and reinstalling a clean version of second life. Updating my graphics driver for geforce...Updating windows 8 to 8.1 and trying again with a clean install...And still have these problems. I want to find the source. The only other thing I could think of is something to do with my security (Norton 360 and no script in firefox) or something to do with programs I recently downloaded which seemed to be right around when this started..Photoshop CS 6 which I downloaded from a disc....which I refuse to uninstall because I think that counts as using it a second time..not sure. I also suspect a game I downloaded out of curiosity but it has been there a long time...but only recently did I get to sign up and log in to it...feral heart.. I gave up and got fire storm in the end and search and my profile works on it..but not the default viewer and the network settings seem to be the same so doubt it's that but I can post from it too if needed. I still really want default viewer back cause it's what I used for half a year and it's nice to have a backup even if I grew to like fire storm. =/What I see when I search. My profile... How to menu lol that's useful..=/ My log in screen after the initiial screen that seems to have the right events etc and my network settings in case they are the problem... Also yes I realize my kittycats are sick. Poor things..decided to just pick them up for now...Honestly if this keeps happening I don't know how active I will be in sl though so don't worry about my pixel pets please lol (people have given me lindens for them before) it's OK no thanks lol just in case..;p
  3. Well I see these horses quite often and know they both make mesh horses so was wondering what the pros and cons of each are..I think water horse has been around a lot longer and they have nice animations and huds but the breeder's choice people seem very open and honest and I already read about some differences between the two but am still debating which would be best for certain things... Which would you say has the best animations? Which has more sounds? Which do you think has better customization options? (I think they are pretty similar or will be though..) Which do you think is easier to customize? (If you have tried both..I'd prefer if the textures are easy to place on the body and I don't have to figure them out myself..etc) Which do you think already has the most options in the horse malls? (They both look pretty full =)) Which has the most different looks by default for the lindens? (I'd prefer not having to pay extra right away for more coat choices than one..) Which has the better/less script heavy huds? (prefer if they can be left up for fun...I don't like when looks and animations are in the same hud cause there can be a lot of scripts so I'd probably take it off =() Finally which do you think would have more options in the mall etc or by default for making into a unicorn or Pegasus or both? This is the sort of creature I was thinking of trying myself or maybe buying mods for. =) That's all I can think of right now..I tried looking for a site comparing the two but can't seem to find anything =/ Maybe there is a thread here about them though please point me there if it exists...tried search but it didn't pop up in the first results thanks if you can help. =)
  4. Ok it works now after I used the new default viewer slider instead of the uploading offset for the mesh....If that was not the problem it must have been my shape or the -0 instead of 0 in my upload from blender...Thanks so much for the help Gaia and all seems to be working great now. =)
  5. Hi, thanks for replying and all the help..What the mesh looks like without an ao is a animal half under the floor when i sit here, when i stand and walk it is back up though and does the 2 legged walk like expected...I think the problem is either my rig or mesh..for ground sit I think I may have choose the wrong pose also though, instead of laying down I choose one like a cat sitting alert with the back part moved down..and noticed most animal avs seem to have legs laying flat for ground sits more like a sleeping pose so wondered if this may be the problem, also when i use the other sits the cat mesh sinks a bit before making and holding the alert cat pose..I will double check all these things you suggested when I get back though and try testing again it is possible that I rotated extra too accidentally. (edited for typos, not back inworld yet..just wanted to thank you for the advice when I saw you replied =))
  6. ok I think i forgot to add some details..I'm using the default secondlife viewer and what the mesh does is due to the script which could be considered a basic animation overrider without any interface...this also happens with a zhao 2 though...When it has No overrider active it actually ground sits under the ground when ground sitting (not useable of course without anims though) and with the ao it does not sit at all..just tries to float over and sit but seems to stand instead..I found out mesh avs may float if their rigs are larger than the default ones especially on these animations because they need to be mixed with defaults to work right...so guess my next questions are could I get this to maybe work on firestorm with z axis adjustment or what animation priorities and hip position would be most likely to work for a quadruped? As in would I be able to determine this somehow or is it probably better to try trial and error?
  7. Ok so I made a quadruped rig in blender 2.66 with the help of avastar and that youtube video about the horse (much appreciated here =)) Once I knew what I was doing it worked perfectly for the most part as well...Then I decided to put the anims into this script that is in a free cat avatar from the library (specific item is called cat_chest) Almost all animations seem to work except for when I click the ground to "sit here" with a right click...Instead of sitting on the ground my mesh flies just above it and then stands instead..if I click "sit down" on my character it works as expected though. The anim I made for sitting had the pelvis bones moved and is one frame looped but I tried another anim without moved bones and it seems to do the same thing unless I click sit down instead of sit here then it works. I think falling from high up also distorts my mesh despite changing the animation. I also changed the cat av that I got the script from to see what would happen, I changed the quad_sit anims to the anim I made (I did this with my first mesh too) when I try to sit with the cat now it walks over like my mesh should be doing and "sits" standing up with the arms stretched like it is in the t position... Maybe I need to make a t position in anims then? or perhaps the offset is the problem...i think i had to set it to 0.60 for my mesh to look like its on the ground...I'm really not sure what the problem is with this character so hope someone can help, I tried asking for help inworld already and some tried but I think they were a lil baffled too, thanks for your time.. Also I'll be in morris for awhile if anyone wants to see a demo of what exactly I mean in this write up cause its a bit hard to explain lol.
  8. Hi, well I'm considering getting into modding and either buying the curious chinchilla or curious moufette..but I noticed that for certain creatures there are not very many mods...so I was wondering if we need a creator's permission before we make mods or if it's just really tough/impossible to make mods for certain creatures without knowing where everything goes. (I have a kzk eastern dragon cause someone modeled it for me and she was so cute but yes overwhelming to try to mod I think even if placing stuff was not a problem..) Also I'm trying to make it into a cute unicorn type avatar but I get tired of the ugly human hands sometimes so was hoping to find some nice "hand hooves"...I thought I found some anthro/furry ones before that were from HOO or something but don't seem to see them on mp anymore...Anyone have any suggestions besides hooves from mod kits or I guess a curious mod suggestion would be ok but I'd prefer just hooves for any av. Cloven or horse like would both be ok. I'll go to inworld places instead if I knew where to look. Thanks a lot for any help.
  9. Hm, I wouldn't personally consider them bots unless they are giving you messages etc that are obviously automated or you Im them all without any response...You may be surprised by how many are actual people...I have had 10 people next door to my mainland and talked to them and therefore am pretty sure they are not bots...Most avs that I see near my land also come and go so fast I don't worry about it...If they are staying for hours/days at a time and are always the same ones then yes I would suspect they are bots though..If it is mainland it can be commercial so I'm not sure what they usually do with them unless they are being a nuisance... This is my first account and I'm fairly new but just giving you some suggestions to try besides just using a tool/script to try to check cause that may be unreliable..I hope something is done about it if anything can be done otherwise I guess you may have to relocate and see if it's less laggy...I think mainland in general is laggy though especially in high traffic areas.. Edit..Just noticed the 125 dollars part...That stinks that you pay so much a month for it...Personally I also would try to cut back on how much I had if lag is becoming a real issue..I can only imagine having to remove everything though and how much time that would take. =/ I hope this is resolved if these avs have been there a long time and are obviously automated..
  10. Sorry for the double post but I'm back now and looking at some land..but it costs 512 to buy...Do you always have to pay this if you want to buy mainland/move or is it only the one time? I'd better be more careful about the location if I have to pay 512l every time I move...It says the 512 will be deducted from my total right now..(I just deleted my linden home) So I guess this sort of land requires a fee...Just mainly wondering if I would have to repay if I choose to move..
  11. Ok thank you. I think I will get a 512 parcel then with the 117 prims and just get a low prim building or skybox to stay in and only take out my machine/pets when I'm using them for now or if someone wants to play them/buy maybe and take back when I leave for now since I'm pretty sure the games can be quite laggy..(from insert coin arcade, I just like the zombie one wayyy too much so want it bad ) Thanks a lot for the help, I'll abandon the house later I guess so there's no tier from the mainland I get..That's good that you can pick a new area if it gets too laggy. I have to leave for now though so if anyone else replies I won't be around til later sorry about that but all the info was really appreciated. I'll try to find some land that looks good later.
  12. Ok thanks all. That's too bad about the arcade machines and I know breedables can be annoyng..so I've decided to try some abandoned land instead and maybe put up banlines if really needed or just pick my stuff up when I'm done (besides my place) I've hoped around on the mainland a little and looked at some abandoned land recently and saw all the neighbors are really super random though and I'm not sure if that may be an issue later on...So I was wondering how would I reabandon the land if I didn't like the location and how often am I allowed to change locations?.. Oh and I want to keep premium and save on the land for now...Getting rid of the linden home won't change that will it? (Pretty sure it won't but like to be 101% sure sorry for being newbish again..) Oh yeah as I understand it the land is 512 lindens for first purchase but afterwards covered by premium...Is that right or do I have to pay 512 a month or something? Thanks for the advice everyone.
  13. Ok thanks, yeah I'm a bit confused now cause I saw that technically (not sure if it's actually allowed with linden homes even though it is there..) you could charge people to access your house/land up to 10l or something...I saw this when I looked at the public settings on the land and thought about making my land not public but then there are banlines and not sure that is even allowed and am guessing the door lock is enough lol. So yeah I think if that is really allowed the games should be as long as they are not horribly laggy for the neighbors but guess I may have to check with support tomorrow. Thanks for replying though and apparently kittycatS can be in linden homes..I'll take mine back or make them 2 prims when I'm gone though so it does not lag much for others. =)
  14. Well I just got premium cause the 300l weekly and home/sandbox/support were too good to turn down... I really want to customize my home with certain items though and am not sure they are allowed cause they are higher prim/may be laggy.. The specific types of items I'm wondering about are the arcade games by Seven shikami and KittycatS breedables or other breedable pets. I am mainly worried about these ones cause the games could be considered a way to make lindens but I was gonna set them to freeplay but they can be set to l making and also you can buy a prize redeemer and give people prizes for lindens (I'm not planning on getting this yet though) so not sure if it would be ok... For the kittycatS I'm mainly wondering if an auto feeder would be a problem cause it would have temporary prims and I know people get annoyed with breedables...also I think maybe the games have temporary prims not sure.. I thought I read somewhere else that people had homes/businesses on their premium alloted land but think they picked the commercial option...If I did that would I have to deal with an independent landlord though and pay more than if I just had premium? Or could I get just a parcel of land from linden labs to work with? One last question I have is how can I tell how many prims are in my linden home? Edit- Found this info under my home in the grass XD Still wondering a lot if these items are ok...It's kinda funny that I could charge for access so maybe they are fine then I just wanna be sure though. Thanks if anyone can help and sorry for being newbish and if this is in the wrong forum but I didn't see a forum for premium only or linden homes. n.n' Also I did go over the linden homes faq but am not sure I understand what's allowed properly cause it sounded like it's mainly about ads and events, I know advertising like that is not allowed but not sure of items like this or if these would only be a problem if you received a payment in your home (I would set freeplay if it was in my home, I mainly want them just for myself for now..) any help would be great.
  15. No I do not have that checked and I unchecked it but it kept doing it. Anyways I cleared the viewer cache and history and changed firefox to say never remember history and that seems to have sort of fixed it. I really have to get used to the new firefox. n.n' I was surprised when I saw those w3 boxes but guess they are normal too..lol.
  16. Ok sorry if this sounds really noobish but I just switched from an xp computer to a modern one before I started with secondlife...Now when I login even if it's apparently not saved in firefox my username and password are saved in some sort of bar that appears at the bottom of my screen and its some webformat called w3.... This is when I login to the website that was the main concern, it does not save my word on the viewer though. I tried to get help in world already but there isn't really a chat suited to this so if anyone could please just tell me how to get it so it Won't save my password and name it would be nice cause I don't have much time to fiddle with codes/scripts just to fix that and I would like to purchase stuff without having my word saved cause its caused issues before... This only seems to happen on this site too, I managed to erase my word on others but clearing cache on viewer and browser did not work here. =/ Again any help appreciated, thanks for reading..
  17. Edit: I should also mention that I do not have avastar and am not sure I'll be able to get it soon so I hope I can still animate for sl without it in blender 2.65...I tried a lot of things already and 2 other rigged avatars as well as the avatar workbench one. I know I'm probably making some silly mistake...but here are the steps I took to try to export a bvh...I posed the workbench avatar 3 times with auto recording set the frames to 41 save the blend then go to export..In export I selected the root option but left the eruler and scale etc alone, then I try to upload the animation to a sandbox on the test server but I keep getting the message "wrong root bone name, use hip" no matter what I try it seems. I heard with old sl versions you have to rename bones though, do I have to do that? Or perhaps scale is the problem, it is set at one. Also I have no sl addons besides the avs right now, maybe I need some. I tried joining groups too and youtube but a lot of the videos are pretty outdated and I can't seem to find an answer so any tips or help at all would be real appreciated, thanks for reading.. Re- edit: I got the bvh to upload by renaming bones...But now I have a new problem because the mesh/armature is on it's side instead of up and down the animation does not play like it should...Well at least I got it to upload..=p Any help sure would be appreciated. ;) I can't fiddle with blender cause I wont have my good comptuer for a few days so any replies would be great..
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