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  1. It's a free market, if you are any good you will get paid because you should be able to turn away cheaper jobs in favour of better paid ones. It's worth remebering I think that almost all Clubs in SL are not true businesses, most are set up as a little ego trip for the owner, who enjoys playing 'mein host'. Nothing wrong with that at all, we are all here to live out some form of fantasy to a greater or lesser degree, but it does leave out some important fundamentals of a business, like having a revenue stream, and making a profit. The RL Nightclub business model relies heavily on 2 revenue streams, Admissions and Drinks sales, in the early 90s when God became a DJ and people stopped drinking Alcohol and started taking club drugs, many clubs closed down or started charging massive admission prices to make up the shortfall. SL clubs have no revenue streams at all, sometimes there are rental spaces for shops, but really these are a seperate business in their own right, competeing with other rental spaces across the grid. So how is an owner to pay you? The only income he gets is from tips, his money provides you with a place to live out your fantasy and it doesn't cost you a penny. The RL DJs I know are sent dozens of promo releases every week and they still go out and spend a fortune on imports every Friday afternoon. In the UK The Performing Rights Society visit nightclubs every wekeend and check what is being played and its origin. This isn't directed at you personally, but I would suggest very little of the music that gets played in SL has actually been paid for and consequently claims to be a 'professional' for many a more than a little stretch of the imgination.
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