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  1. i crashed right before upgrading to the new firestorm. i come back on and instead of 3k items missing from my inventory its now more like 5k items missing. it also ruined the gown and my skin i was wearing when i crashed...as....i now show as grey and nothing can be put on or be taken off without it telling me it *failed to find item named *new shirt* or *new pants* in database! So i tried something...i did a female character check and that fixed the grey avi and being seen as a cloud to others...but i still am missing somewhere around 5k items from my inventory! ALL the outfits i paid for from lovecats...*the freebies are still there go figure!* and many of the gowns i bought from the white armory...of which many of those cant be replaced cus a lot of them were discontinued! i am so angry im considering DELETING Fiorcheart AND my alts plus telling a bunch of my friends to come with me to another game where we DONT have issues like this. I WANT MY STUFF BACK!!! i dont care who does it or how its done but i do not see the need to have bo BUY AGAIN outfits i have ALREADY paid for!
  2. I can't see ANY crystals AT ALL in Tyrah's Peak
  3. I went into Linden Realms and for the last couple of weeks my HUD has not shown at all (still able to pick up crystals and the counters still count them) but today i went in and i know crystals are there cus i see the little puff of cloud as my avi picks them up...but i cant see the crystals at all....i NEED to be able to pick up crystals in Linden Realms as i dont have rl money and rely on working and linden realms in sl for game expenses. this is really frustrating!
  4. i am very new to Kubuntu 12.10 and have absolutely no clue what to do. I cannot get firestorm or singularity to work...could someone please walk me thru it as i am technologically impaired? :matte-motes-bashful-cute: i had 64 bit on my computer but switched to 32 bit thinking it would help and no change. i have no clue how to apply this fontconfig you all are talking about...im not stupid by any means...i just have absolutely no clue what i am doing. please help
  5. but thats the only way i can contact my boss to let her know im having computer troubles! *cries*
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