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  1. Hardly a Flikr solution at all. I wanted to allow my Flikr photosteam to be shown in sl through the frame or album.
  2. I'm going crazy trying to find either a pinboard,photo frame or album that holds lots or unlimited pictures and allows other people to view it. So far all i've found are slideshows that are HUGE on scripting and laggy or frames that have a picture limit that's too low. I'm trying to make a decent sized picture display, as low prim as possible, for customers to see demo pics.
  3. She might want to check out Hell Bop, also. Mostly retro but also very stylish men's clothing that work for both male and female. I joined the special group they have to get everything in the whole store for one price and wear the men's clothes all the time. They're generally very well done.
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