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  1. hey, i logged in on this beta grid at secondlife://Aditi/secondlife/Morris/20/116/51 I dont have any problems there.
  2. hey, i have been staying on this RC Magnum every day now (at energy club) its still the same problem nothing changed its really driving me crazy atm! first i said i couldnt see anyone well i figured i'm able to see some people but only when i'm there for like 2 hours then only a few start rezzing a bit, but they are never fully rezzed... so i tried this while i was sitting.. now weird thing is when i got up everyone was gone again -.- & again i'm not having any of these troubles on NON RC Magnum sims!! LL i hope u will find all these bugs cause its really not funny.
  3. Hey, me and some friends are having issues on sims with RC Magnum server now the problem is.. When we land on the sim we cant walk , then a few seconds later or view changes in to a brown sky. When our view gets back to normal, we cant see anyone, we cant turn our AO off, our radar gets stuck in the middle of our screen, we cant detach anything etc... This problem we only have on every sim that is currently running on RC Magnum. We dont have this problem on sims that dont run on RC Magnum. So i hope this will be fixed!
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