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  1. Are you still looking for people?
  2. Bailey, I am sorry but you sound bitter and extremely jaded. First of all, who are you to tell tell this young lady that it is not worth becoming an escort unless you like sex and roleplaying? You can make great money without becoming quite jaded.....all you need is a great imagination, love of men, and desire to make money.In addition, I would like to response to your quote: "Frankly, without voice you'll have a really hard time finding clients. I won't share my opinions on the invasion of the cam girls and PSO's...let's just say appreciation for the sensuality and intimacy of the written word, and the actual labor and creativity that goes into it, could be higher. A lot higher." I understand that you being an former escort has made you quite jaded...but you speak for yourself. That seems quite foolish and narrow-minded to me for someone who worked in the sex industry to make that statement. Many of cam models and PSOs make tons of money in SL by providing an enjoyable experience for their clients. But you do not need to treat every customer like he is your bf/husband. Bailey, you should have learned that while you was an RL escort. In addition, your quote "Especially since, doing text-only you'll want to skip most of the guys looking for wank fodder since they'll go to the voice or cam girls, and look more for companion/conversational escorting." is just so wrong. Many customers want something that can blow their minds such as snuff and bondage...plus they will pay top dollar for it. This can either be texting or voice. But I understand that is not your experience coming from your own jaded experiences with clients. Being in the sex industry can turn a fun young lady into a bitter and jaded aging woman who knows nothing about the experience of RL sex workers in SL, huh? Some of the ladies...have a great time here, make friends, and make money. Have a great day, But I do think it is cute when an older escort wants to look her nose down at RL sex workers in SL. :matte-motes-big-grin:
  3. Actually, you will make more money catering to homosexual and bisexual men only. Many men do enjoy paying for certain services in Second Life.:matte-motes-big-grin:
  4. I do admire anyone who uses Second Life for profit. This chick is quite popular in the findom community in SL...so that is great that she can make tons of money in SL. :matte-motes-big-grin:
  5. The girls who usually make bank are women who actually are PSOs, Cam Models, and work in other forms in the sex industry in RL. You can work for yourself or others but it is more profitable to work for yourself in SL.
  6. Hello, I am interested in become a Manager at your escort service.
  7. Milland &Smithy Estates: Beach Homes starting from 150L to 350L a week. Im DonaDiabla in-world to see them :matte-motes-inlove:
  8. The key to second life is to know that you're just a part of an illusion and fantasy. So fantasy isn't real and you can do what ever you desire. Just like in RL, some people like new people in their life each week and some want them for lifetime.
  9. Hello I'm Dona from Binneed Estates, we have skyboxs and homes starting at 150L a week at Binneed Estates. Nice and quiet community, alarms, and security provided. Looking for nice and quiet clients. Contact me Dona both here and in-world for application and to show you around.
  10. This is Dona and I would like to become the general manager at the Tropicana Bay
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