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  1. Okay....thank you. I suspected that might be the answer, but was hoping it wouldn't be! Nothing is ever plain 'good' is it?
  2. For some time now I can't seem to look directly at anyone - my eyes just stay static....staring straight ahead. I've searched through forums, but everything relating to the topic seems to discuss the 'Look at' functions involving crosshairs and all that. I understand that, and I can get it to work, or not, as I wish. But I can no longer get my eyes to look up at a person's face, for example, or make eye contact - which is such a pity, because there is nothing more powerful, really, than eye contact. I'm not 100% certain, but it seems to have coincided with my conversion to a Catwa bento head. Would that have something to do with it? I know I can direct the eyes through the animation hud, but that seems a very cumbersome business compared to the automatic process before where one only had to centre one's cursor on the person one was talking to. I also can't seem to remember how to turn my head to face someone without moving my whole body. How complicated it all is!
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