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  1. I don't know who lives in this baronial mansion - but I wonder what he's going to say when he finds me here!
  2. That's what I always say to myself too.....but it never is
  3. When things aren't going too well, instead of feeling sorry for myself I come here. Turn off the music channel and just listen to the birds chirping, and the gentle surf pulling at the stones on the beach. And in no time at all I'm back to my normal chirpy self It's my quiet place. It's always deserted. And no, I won't be giving the SLURL anytime soon! Sorry!
  4. I don't know about anyone else, but I've always found classic marshmallows to taste way better than mesh marshmallows.....
  5. Hey there, Mrs Cow! How's it going? Isn't life wonderful?!
  6. Sure I did. Have I learnt the error of my ways?........Nah!
  7. Generally I do the same. Normally I feel there's no point constantly optimising local WL (other than when taking photos, of course), when this has no affect on how others see me. But it's always disappointing that so often the estate time makes me look as if I have some terrible skin disease....
  8. Last night was a blast. This morning....not so much. Danced all night and drank too many Ramazottis. Woke up in a strange bed. Dashed to the loo.....made a mess...and then scarpered...before the owner got back. Whoever you are....I'm sorry! Not my finest hour...
  9. Will I be a wallflower at the dance again tonight.......?
  10. Whaaaat!!! No!!!!! Can't believe how much this flimsy dress must weigh!!
  11. System v mesh Me (mesh) on the right with one of my oldest SL friends (system) on the left. I think she looks great. In fact, she looks waaaay better than me - especially with my ugly Advanced Lighting Model neckband in this light. There's definitely pros and cons. Nothing is ever just 100% good
  12. Such an interesting topic! It's always fascinating to see such different approaches and experiences. We are all in this same virtual world, and all have the same social opportunities, but we are coming from an endless variety of personal perspectives and hopes and needs, which are themselves in a state of constant flux, and none of us are 100% the same today as we were yesterday. To me, much as I enjoy the beauty of the sims and landscapes, the essence of SL is the people I meet. I will finish a session feeling either empty or very satisfied and fulfilled depending on whether or not I hav
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